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A self-discovery platform for the modern professional.


 Collective Gain connects professionals looking for fulfillment in life and career with coaches who can help them thrive.

One must deeply know who they are to lead, build and create from their own zone of genius and authenticity. Because life and work aren’t separate, and we shouldn’t have to feel torn between the two.

Experience success and happiness when you get to know who you are, why you’re here and what you can best bring to the world. 


Life-ambitious people who refuse to believe where they are is as good as it gets.
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They see what you can’t. Unlimited possibility is what they teach, success is what they offer.
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Trusted Coaches Ready to Support You

Coaches don’t tell you what to do. They listen, ask you questions you’ve never asked yourself and challenge limiting beliefs so you can move forward like never before.


Every coach and healer in our community was referred by a someone we know and trust. All have known talent.


Extensively reviewed including an in-depth application, testimonial review and video-call with our Founder.


Over 100k hours of coach training from certified programs, professional backgrounds that impress, and well-studied life experience.

Coaching for the Modern Professional

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Intro to Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Private 1:1 sessions with a coach via phone or video. Plus have access to your coach throughout the week for quick check-ins. Select a coach yourself, or signup for our Intro to Coaching package and we’ll match you.

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Soul Refresh

An introduction to coaching, this mini package offers 1:1 support with a coach for 4 weeks to help you begin to align your inner interests with our outer experience. We believe in the power of alignment, with yourself and with your work.

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Events, Workshops & Retreats

Every month our Coaches and Seers host events and classes to help you explore who you are and why you’re here. Some are focused and practical, others more to help get you out of your head and into your heart. All our events will leave you feeling empowered.

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“Like all explorers, we’re drawn to discover what’s out there without knowing yet if we have the courage to face it.”

-Pema Chödrön

Our mission is to help people see the possibilities in their own lives
so they can live up to their fullest potential and be their best selves.

A better you means a better us.
And a better us is exactly what we need right now.

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Get hopeful content to inspire you on your journey.


Take the first step to finding and living your purpose.
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A seeker on a journey to live her truth, Lizzie is a former corporate executive who refused to settle for good enough and experienced a personal transformation through working with a coach. Lizzie believes everyone deserves the 1:1 support to clear limiting beliefs and develop a mental framework to live a life of I CAN. Collective Gain is her mission: to help millions of people find happiness and fulfillment in their own lives. After all, if we each do the work to grow as individuals, we can raise our collective energy for a more joyful, harmonious world.
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