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The best of private coaching, at work.

Professional development for a new generation of leaders.

Collective Gain helps companies experience a new level of growth through unblocking their people.

Collective Gain awakens the untapped power of an organization through a delicately designed combination of 1:1 personal coaching and team mind+body+soul experiences that lead to new possibility and greater achievement.
We’re different. Our clients are different.
Our clients are forward-thinking CEOs & Executives who know that teams who are fully activated, unblocked, and aligned with their reason for being create the magic required for success beyond their wildest dreams.
We are on a mission to lead today’s professionals in a new way to work; where teams are fueled by connectedness through individuality and a shared purpose for creating radical impact for themselves and those they serve.

"I have strengthened my leadership skills and learned new ways to navigate stress and conflict confidently and calmly."


Creative Inspirator & Director of Marketing

Modern Coaching for a New Generation


Every coach in our community was referred by someone we know and trust for their talent and experience.


Extensive experience beyond traditional coaching modalities to provide holistic coaching support.


Over 1 million combined professional working hours in top-tier companies in the nation’s top industries.

Our team of organizational development consultants use people data to guide strategy and insight into a company’s biggest opportunities to further activate their people. We approach each partnership with the goal of generating maximum impact with scalability in mind. 
  • Team design using behavioral analytics to identify job and manager fit
  • Large-scale 1:1 coaching programs of 5-150 leaders at a time to build self-awareness
  • Unique integrated experiences to activate the mind+body+soul and full contribution
  • Detailed and confidential reports that provide honest and actionable feedback 
Private long-term coaching programs for executives to show up fully as they are in their zone of genius while deeply knowing who they are and why they’re here. Each executive will recieve a matching session with a Collective Gain matching specialist and interviews with their recommended matches.
  • Virtual and responsive 6-12 month programs 
  • Whole-life 360 qualitative feedback
  • Custom designed program with additional expert coaches added as needed (e.g. speaking coach, personal branding, energy & presence coach)
  • Assessment to deepen one’s self awareness of blind spots and super powers





Our workshops and offsites combine highly strategic vision sessions with emotionally moving experiences that optimize for real-life shifts in mindset and behavior.


Each one of our coaches has a team of Collective Gain practioners for any individuals who need a range of modalities to support their growth.


Confidentiality is important. And so is getting the real, honest feedback from your teams. We do both through Coach View reports and insights.

“Few things are more important than unleashing human potential, and it appears that Collective Gain represents an important new approach to that sacred calling.”

-R. Levin

"Decision making comes easier now, saving me time and heartache, and giving me more joy in what I do."


Vision Builder & Senior Product Manager


Lizzie Alberga is the CEO and Founder of Collective Gain, a nature advocate, corporate coach, and former marketing executive at dot-coms. She started Collective Gain out of a need to help ambitious, type-A business people like herself thrive at work and in life through new perspectives and ways of working. Collective Gain is Lizzie’s mission to help millions contribute positively to our collective experience by being who they were designed to be in the companies they were designed to impact. Lizzie lives in Los Angeles with her husband, three kids, dog, two cats, and three bunnies.
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