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The best of private coaching, at work.
Activate, inspire and engage the talent you already have.


 Collective Gain maximizes the talent companies already have by providing an unbiased space for people to get honest. 

Our 1:1 coaching programs are customized to each person, giving them new skills and perspectives to navigate being a human at work. 

And to do this, we coach the whole person.
Life and work aren’t separate and neither is our coaching.

Our goal is to transform organizations by truly activating their people; seeing each person as they are and supporting them in being their best. It’s an approach where everyone wins.

And this isn’t just for executives, it’s for everyone.
We create large-scale coaching programs that maximize impact.

"I have strengthened my leadership skills and learned new ways to navigate stress and conflict confidently and calmly."


Superpower: Creative Inspirator
What they call her: Director of Marketing

Modern Coaches for Top-Notch Talent


Every coach in our community was referred by someone we know and trust for their talent and experience.


Extensively vetted through an in-depth interview process and coaching assessment.


Over 100k combined hours of coach training from certified programs. Highly accredited professional backgrounds.



of participants develop new habits in the first 3 months of coaching.


report access to our 1:1 coaching has positively impacted their experience at work.


feel an increase in clarity and focus because of the coaching support.

The best leaders are inspired and it all starts within.

Our Coaching Programs can support 5 people or scale to serve 150 team members at any given time. You select the people, we do the rest.

High Potentials
Strategic New Hires
Recently Promoted
Leaders & Executives

Our coaches have experience working with clients where high standards and high demands are part of the daily experience. We get what it’s like. We know how to support.

Industry Leaders
High-growth Companies
Creative Shops


Employee Led

Participants tell us where they’re struggling, that’s where we start. And our assessment will point out anything they can’t see.

Whole-human Coaching

We go there. Work, or life, we work on whatever is holding back their best performance with tools and skills to move forward.

Confidential Space

Our reporting on participant coaching is anonymous and on an aggregate level. They can tell you the details, themselves.


Scalable 1:1 Coaching

Flexible, affordable individual coaching for 5 to 150 people at a time. All virtual. All personalized.

Modern Assessments

Predictive Index, Whole-life 360 Reviews, and our next-gen proprietary assessments.

Transitional Coaching

We support new hires with customized 90-day onboarding programs and those exiting the organization with coaching, resume support and recruiting services.

Training & Skill Development

We hear it all from your teams during 1:1 coaching. We create training & learning programs to support specific skill gaps.

“If you were asking the right questions, you’d have the right answers by now.”

-Collective Gain Coach

"Decision making comes easier now, saving me time and heartache, and giving me more joy in what I do."


Superpower: Vision Builder
What they call him: Senior Product Manager

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Together we can find joy, fulfillment and success in work and life.


Lizzie is a corporate executive who refused to settle for good enough and experienced a personal transformation through working with a coach. Lizzie believes all professionals, and especially leaders, need 1:1 support in order to perform their best. And this goes beyond professional performance, but what it means to be a human being, a leader, a global citizen. When people are activated across all aspects of their life, they find meaning, fulfillment and create extraordinary results. Collective Gain is Lizzie’s mission to help millions of people live a life of positive impact and fulfillment. After all, if we each do the work to grow, we can raise our collective consciousness for a more joyful, harmonious world.
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