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Success comes from being clear about who you are and why you’re here.
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Every coach and healer in our community was recognized by someone we know and trust. All have known talent.


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Over 100k combined hours of coach training from certified programs, highly accredited professional backgrounds, and teachers of life.

Get your introductory session and personalized coach-matching for $79.


Career-ambitious people who want it all and refuse to settle for good enough.
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Featured Coaches


  • MA in Social-Organizational Psychology
  • Columbia University BA in Psychology
  • Hofstra University Certified Professional Coach
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Accredited Coach Birkman Methods Certified Practitioner

“Sara is fearless when it comes to doing the real work that changes lives. She helped me reframe how I thought of purpose and execution into something that was both bigger and more achievable as a result of my shifted thinking. I wouldn’t have made — and landed — the big leaps without her wise counsel and encouragement.”


Christina McFadden


  • B.A., Business Administration, Boston University
  • M.S., Organizational Development
  • Stanford University, H4A Fellow
  • CPCC from Coaches Training Institute

“Christina gets “it” – immediately. She’s direct, insightful, doesn’t miss a trick and she’s always spot-on. What makes Christina so effective as a coach are both her listening skills and her ability to synthesize complex stories into pragmatic and understandable observations that must be addressed. She’s patient, compassionate and unrelenting. Add her great sense of humor and you’ve got a coach you look forward to working with.”



  • B.A., Communications, minor Psychology, Univ. of Minn. Duluth
  • Masters, Spiritual Psychology, Consciousness Health and Healing, Univ. of Santa Monica
  • Certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Robbins Madanes Training

“Helped me transform my life! When I began working with Elsie Storm, it was at one of the most painful times in my life.  While I had achieved a level of success in the corporate world that I’d worked more than a decade to reach–I was burnt out, joyless, disconnected, unhealthy and desperate for purpose. Almost immediately, Elsie helped me (with her combination of acceptance, tools and guidance) create a future map.”


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Get to know our coaches and learn from the best in self-development on becoming our best your best self. Hear stories on how this new generation of leaders came to find their own truth – the ups and downs of life transition, growth and actually creating what it is you want.

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"I emerged a better and brighter version of myself."


Superpower: Creative Inspirator
What they call her: Director of Marketing

“Give yourself the permission and the means, yes this includes the money, to be who you are regardless of what anyone else believes or thinks is possible.”

-Brené Brown

A better you means a better us.
And a better us is exactly what we need right now.

"Decision making comes easier now, saving me time and heartache, and giving me more joy in what I do."


Superpower: Vision Builder
What they call him: Senior Product Manager

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How does coaching differ than therapy?

Therapy focuses on understanding the past. Most of the discussion and energy is on what has happened; what happened last week, last month, five years ago…and really understanding it. Coaching focuses on the future while acknowledging the past. Coaches offer tools, exercises and mental-frameworks that help one understand their own inner power and ability to move forward, not resting on what was, but what can be. In addition, therapy tends to have no end point, but coaching has a specified timeframe with a specified endpoint or a goal of what would like to be accomplished within a certain period of time. That timeframe might be 3 months to one year, and coachee and coach can always agree to extend the coaching, but coaching typically does not stretch beyond a two-year engagement.

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching is similar to the price of therapy, but it works differently in that one signs up for a set of sessions to work on the specific goal with a firm start and end date. The price also includes unlimited email support and short calls/texts in-between sessions when needed. You can expect to see prices range from $300 a month to $2,000 per month for executive coaching, both which include 2-3 sessions and unlimited email support and S.O.S. text support in between. Depending on the amount of change one is looking to create the coaching program will be for 3-9 months in duration with an option to extend if desired.

How do you meet with your coach?

If you are lucky enough to have a coach working on-site at your workplace, you’ll see him/her in-person, but the overwhelming majority of coaches work virtually, either via video conference (Skype, Zoom, etc.) or by telephone. That way, you and your coach can be anywhere in the world and still have a fantastic coaching relationship. (Collective Gain Staffers tend to prefer video or phone sessions with their coach so they can take copious notes and use the time we would have spent getting there on reflection.)

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A seeker on a journey to live her truth, Lizzie is a former corporate executive who refused to settle for good enough and experienced a personal transformation through working with a coach. Lizzie believes everyone deserves the 1:1 support to clear limiting beliefs and develop a mental framework to live a life of I CAN. Collective Gain is her mission: to help millions of people find happiness and fulfillment in their lives. After all, if we each do the work to grow as individuals, we can raise our collective consciousness for a more joyful, harmonious world.
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