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Programs Built to Maximize Impact for the Individual and the Company

Everyone Wins.

We believe that human beings are complex, wired for growth and capable of producing extraordinary results. This is especially true when they are working together.
Collective Gain supports leaders at all levels with personalized 1:1 whole-human coaching so they can feel unblocked, inspired and activated to uplevel their contributions and presence. Providing participants with an unbiased space to get honest allows for self-awareness, advanced leadership skills, and the know-how to sustain peak performance – and happiness – over time.


Two sessions a month with unlimited email access and as-needed SOS calls, employees receive full support and live “laser coaching” to help them thrive at work. Every participant is personally matched with one of our professional coaches and all our coaching is virtual to maximize access and efficiency.
Productivity & Focus
New Employee Onboarding
Transitioning Talent Out
Next Level Leadership
Employee Conflict
Communication for Influence


We use the best modern tools to aid participants in building self-awareness and understand their strengths. Master-level coaches specifically trained in each assessment method administer and report on the results with the participant and their coach. Assessments can also be used to measure growth.
Predictive Index
Used most for team building and maximizing talent/role fit.
Deep understanding of motivations, needs, and natural abilities.
iPEC 360 Reviews
Turn-key and streamlined personalized feedback.
Proprietary tool understands core needs in order to achieve
 job satisfaction.

Learning Experiences

Address skill gaps with custom learning & development programs. Our team of coaches is trained in leading an array of workshops and classes that build awareness and skills in the top areas of workplace challenge. Quarterly programs offer a variety of teachers and topics to keep engagement high.
Unconscious Bias
Learning about our own bias’ and how to lead with
Coaching Skills
Learn the skills and tools to empower talent through coaching.
Speaking with Influence
The art and skill of impactful speaking to groups, teams & clients.
(Im)Perfection Lab
How perfectionism holds us back from growth, learning and

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Uplevel the talent you already have.

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