A Morning Routine Starts Your Day With Structure and Ease


A Morning Routine Starts Your Day With Structure and Ease

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About a year ago, I joined a fitness challenge in which I was challenged to create a strong morning routine. I personalized this routine and started calling it my “morning power hour”. Exercise was part of it, but it also started with some journaling, stretching, and tea.

It was so life-changing for me that I might have changed or dropped the workouts, but I kept the morning routine Power Hour and it always gets me set up for success.

The question is, what can we create in our life that is non-negotiable? What nourishes us from the inside? The way we get to work and get to our goals with ease and grace and flow is connecting to ourselves. 

Imagine if you’re that leader that goes in totally tapped in, tuned up, and ready for the day because you did your morning routine. What would happen to all the people you manage?

As a leader, your morning routine is a way to be magnetic and inspirational without having to do anything other than being you. That energy you created in the morning for yourself is incredibly productive toward meeting your own goals, your company’s goals, and to show up as a leader for other generations.

The ripple effect of our actions when we step into the present, calm and aware- THAT is what the morning routine is about! It’s just for us so that we can step from surviving to thriving, so we feel better in our day, and send that ripple out around us. 

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In this episode I share:

-How I started my morning power hour

-A peek into my current morning routine

-The three components of a morning routine: mind, body, spirit

-Ideas for creating your own routine

– Being an inspirational leader

-The ripple effect of starting our day in a way that feels good


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