An Interview with Lizzie Alberga, Founder & CEO of Collective Gain

An Interview with Lizzie Alberga, Founder & CEO of Collective Gain

An Interview with Lizzie Alberga, Founder & CEO of Collective Gain

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As we close out Season 1, which has been full of interviews with other awesome people I have met, I thought it would be interesting to have someone interview me. It’s been a year full of growth, both for Collective Gain and for me personally. So, I’m excited to have Paula Jenkins on to interview me for the season finale. 

I started Collective Gain after experiencing  incredible awareness and shifts in my life from working with a private coach. Because of this experience, I wanted to find a way to share the amazing benefit of having a private coach with others. It was my desire to make the coaching I wish I would have had in corporate readily available to people at all levels of an organization, and, to give employees the opportunity to experience the benefit of unbiased support as they navigate the realities of modern work and life.

Season One of the podcast has been all about sharing my curiosity on a variety of topics related to coaching and self-development by sharing conversations with some people who have been influential in my life. You’ve heard from people who have found support through new spiritual awareness, who found freedom by sharing their experience, and who have also offered insights into their “secret tips” that help them thrive on the daily.  It’s my hope that in sharing these guests with you that you’re starting to expand your thinking on what’s possible for your life and are developing your own “rule book” to support your own personal growth.

Season Two is going to be all about community, and I’m excited to share that with you. We’re going to do a deep dive on the things I’ve been trying out (and the results), and I’m excited to make the next season more conversational. You’ll be betting exercises that will provide you with insights for your life, and hopefully lead you to some shifts that will help you look at your life and the world as something that’s working for you, that’s on your side.. What I ultimately hope is that by the end of season 2 you have experienced the power of giving yourself space, and allowing for ease and calm, to be the energy that drives your success. It doesn’t have to be hard.  And, we’ll end Season Two with a big feel-good event that brings us together, me + you and the larger Collective Gain community. 

In this episode, Lizzie and Paula talk about:

  • Lizzie’s experiences in corporate America, and how they led her to coaching
  • The evolution of Collective Gain over the past three years
  • The positive impact of coaching on employees at all levels
  • Looking at nature for inspiration
  • Growing a business based on referrals and trust


Collective Gain Website

The Biggest Little Farm (movie)

A special thanks to Paula Jenkins of Jump Start Your Joy for being our guest interviewer.

To experience coaching for yourself, and get matched with a Collective Gain coach, take our matching survey. (link to:https://collectivegain.com/who-we-are-2/)

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