Ask and It Shall Be Given: What You Can Learn From the Emotional Guidance Scale


Ask and It Shall Be Given: What You Can Learn From the Emotional Guidance Scale

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In this week’s episode, I’m talking about the Emotional Guidance Scale and how being aware of our emotional set point can help us thrive. You may not realize how your thoughts and mood have great power over you and affect your day, your life, and what opportunities you see are in front of you. Your mood, which is often correlated to your thoughts, can help you bring to fruition what you want or send you down a path towards what you don’t want.

I learned about the Emotional Guidance Scale and emotional set point from Esther and Jerry Hick’s book Ask and It is Given which deeply resonated with me. The Emotional Guidance Scale is a range of 22 emotions with 1 being the highest on the emotional scale and 22 being the lowest. Your emotional set point is where you are on the scale at any moment in time, and I invite you to feel empowered and curious of what your emotional set point is at this moment in your life.

 In this episode, I explore:

  1. How we can turn our mood around by examining our thoughts and choosing to see things from a different perspective
  2. The top third, middle, and bottom third of the Emotional Guidance Scale
  3. My experiences examining my emotional set point at different times in my life
  4. How our emotions are information for us and can help us thrive

Your Practice for the Week: 

For this week, I invite you to become inquisitive about how you are really feeling. How do you feel when you first wake up in the morning? Do you feel energized and ready to take on the day? How do you feel while you’re going through your day and nothing spectacular nor terrible is happening? I’d like you to think about the emotions you have when it comes to this period of your life. Are you in a place where you feel empowered and excited, or do you feel bored and are looking for something more? I encourage you to explore your emotions and be conscious of your thoughts. Talk yourself through the emotions you are feeling to get you to gratitude, compassion, and joy. Life is always working for you.

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