Dedication and Joy Sees Dreams Come True

Dedication and Joy Sees Dreams Come True

Dedication and Joy Sees Dreams Come True

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This week on the podcast, I’m reflecting on the meaning of life, as the world sits with two extremes on the same day: from heartbreaking devastation of Kobe and Gigi  Bryant’s deaths to the soaring accomplishment and joy of Billie Eilish’s winning five Grammy awards. 

These two events, book-ended on the same day gave me pause to slow down and reflect. Both of these amazing humans lived a life where they followed their hearts. Kobe played basketball with great joy. He inspired millions to follow their hearts and do what they love to do. He created Mamba so that children could play the sport he loved. 

Billie Eilish started creating music with her brother. They didn’t stop and question what they were doing, didn’t look to others to see if it was “right” or “wrong,” or get caught up on if they were influencers on social media. Their music, and their creativity came from a place deep inside. And, it took them saying yes to the wholeness of who they are to then create music that spoke to others in a deep way.

Last night I had a dream and the dream was about how easy joy is, and how all we have to do in life is to say yes to what makes you happy. Do what brings you joy: real soul filling joy, not surface joy, not temporary joy, not coping joy, but real soul level joy. 

Kobe Bryant talked about following your dreams, after the All Star Game in 2016:

‘I think you have to believe that they’re possible. It’s easier said than done, because I think we all have dreams. But once you go through the process of trying to make those dreams a reality, you hit obstacles. And I think unfortunately because of pressure or anxiety or responsibilities, things, whatever, you kind of give up on those dreams and somewhere along the line you lose that imagination. I think it’s important that you never lose that. You have to keep that. That’s the most important thing. I never gave up my dream.”

Taking inspiration from the lives of Kobe Bryant and Billie Eilish, I urge you to listen to the dream that is calling to you. To listen to the moment in time when there’s some deep truth to what you are feeling, right now. What dream is on your heart? What are you sensing is your purpose here on the Earth?

I want you to notice that thing and take steps to get closer to it, starting now. Set the baby steps in motion so that your dream can become a part of your every day life . It takes courage to follow that dream. I want you to have faith, because the path might not always be easy or obvious to you. It takes courage to navigate change. In my experience, saying yes to your dream if often enough as a first step, and you’ll find that everything else will flow from your willingness to engage with it.

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