A better you means a better us. 

This is a Movement for Women by Women to Live Our Truth.

We’re craving TRUTH. We’re craving in-person connection. We’re leaning into LIFE, not just our careers. Growth Group is for women who want to excel in their career while living the truth of who they are.

3 months Committed to YOU and your TRIBE

Find purpose, clarity and, connection with who you are and why you’re here.

Get ready for a 3-month of soul-filling, belly-laughing and lets-do-this-dang-thing journey to freedom. Freedom to be who you are and excel in your career while doing it. Connect with other women and be empowered to take the next step and clear whatever’s in your way. Your group coach will lead you through three modules of content built to get you feeling like you’re ahead of the game – you’ll know who you are and where you’re going, and you’ll make some new life-long friends along the way.

Put YOU, and your tribe, at the top of your priority list. She’s done waiting for her turn. 

You’ll benefit from a monthly in-person meeting, monthly group video call check-in, a kick-off event to connect you with all women participating in the experience and 50% off your ticket for the next #LIVEYOURTRUTH event. Plus, during the 3-month program, we’re bringing in 3 experts on topics that are key to elevating your career and personal brand AND giving you access to a private Facebook group for ongoing support.

Content Modules

– Design a Strategic Career
– Know Your Superpowers
– Get Aligned with Money

Expert Topics

– Understand Energy of Thought
– The Strategy Behind Getting Promoted
– Negotiation: 5 Types of Compensation

GROWTH GROUP Calendar & Content


Theme: Design a Strategic Career

Second Group Session

Virtual Call Week of June 18th

Expert Call: Energy of Thought


Theme: Superpowers

Third Group Session

Virtual Check-in Call

Expert Call: Getting Promoted


Theme: Money

Forth Group Session

Virtual Check-in Call

Expert Call: Negotiation & Getting Paid

Empowerment Event

Apply to be a featured speaker and share your story of growth.

Together, We Become Our Best Selves

Become exactly who you are, without apology or explanation.

We’re looking for 40 women to join 5 GROWTH GROUPs meeting at various locations across Los Angeles who are interested in growing, together.  A Collective Gain coach will guide each group into a deeper understanding of themselves, real connection within the group and expanded thinking of what it means to be your best self.
Benefits include building a tribe of like-minded women, creating your team of go-to experts and feeling empowered to get what you want.

12 Hours of Content Over a 3-Month Connection Experience

– 3 two-hour in-person group experiences
– 3 one-hour virtual group check-in calls
– 3 virtual calls with featured experts
– 1 virtual call to meet all participants
– Access to Private Facebook Community
– 50% of your ticket for the next #LIEYOURTRUTH Event
– An Opportunity to be a Featured Speaker or Writer for Collective Gain


Offered at $397

Interested but not sure? Join a call with Lizzie to learn all about GROWTH GROUP, what to expect and how it works, plus get all your questions answered. Three free info sessions are offered, choose a time here.

The time and location listed are when the in-person group sessions occur (1x per month) and team virtual calls (1x per month) are scheduled –  usually the 1st and 3rd week of the month. 

Kim Rowe


Tuesday at 7:00 pm

Meet Kim

Karlie Everhart

Santa Monica

Wednesday at 7:00 pm

Meet Karlie

Sienna Scott

Los Feliz

Saturday at 10:00 am

Meet Sienna

Kea Meyers Duggan

Culver City

Saturday 10:00 am

Meet Kea

Sarah Anassori


Wednesday at 7:00 pm

Meet Sarah

If you’re located outside of Los Angeles or cannot make any of these times and would be interested in joining a virtual group, sign up here.

During checkout, you will select the Coach’s GROWTH GROUP you’d like to join. There are only 8 spots per coach, first come first serve. We will take a waiting list and if there is enough demand create more groups. We want everyone who wants to participate to be able to.

It’s amazing what you can do when you feel the power of 40 women behind you.

Three Months Focused On Getting You What You Want

Have questions?

Let’s get them answered. 

We Can’t Wait to Meet You