How to ‘Receive’ the Things You Desire

How to 'Receive' the Things You Desire

How to ‘Receive’ the Things You Desire

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This week’s episode is all about one of my favorite topics: receiving. Receiving is a huge topic for go-getter, type-A, ambitious people. And if I’m being honest, it’s the one I struggle with the most.  It’s what I’m currently working on with my coach, what I work on in my relationship, and also what I work on in my business.

What I’ve found is that receiving is the hardest for these type of people. It is hardest for me, and you may be wondering “What does that even mean, receiving? I don’t understand.”  When I talk about receiving, I’m talking about grace, ease, and flow without efforting to get what you want. 

This could be a coincidence, a surprise, or a miracle, anything that shows up and makes things easier. You can call it divine intervention. 

And I’m not necessarily talking just in a spiritual sense. I’m talking about it as as it pertains to nature, too, all over the place. I like to say “the tree doesn’t make its own sun.”

Presence allows us to receive

When you’re in moments of stress and problem-solving and wanting to take action, you are not open to receiving. Presence allows us to receive the inspiration and experience the amazing things in our life. Instead of holding tightly to the outcome, look for ways to pause and receive inspiration, leaving room for the natural outcome, a better idea, or a more efficient way of doing something.

The next time you’re in a moment of wanting to jump into problem-solving, take a minute and just lean back, and pause. Create a little space and relax. I immediately go into a state of receiving. You can call it space for other people to come support us or for our mind to just process what we have to do next. 

Your Practice for the Week:

This week, I’m going to slow down, lean back, and breathe. I invite you to take a moment. Keep in mind what you want to create, and allow a little space, and serendipity and luck to come your way. I’m going to allow that to happen and I invite you to join me. 

I would really love to hear how your week goes! Did this resonate with you? Let me know in the comments!

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Receiving 
  • Nature’s way of receiving – how trees grow, receiving sun, and don’t stop to ask if it’s right or wrong
  • Being in a relaxed state to receive fully
  • How letting go of attachment can lead to breakthroughs
  • The energy that you bring to something can impact its outcome
  • How to present your ideas in a way that others can receive and accept them
  • The way to be open to receiving feedback and the difference that it can make
  • Pausing can give you the space to put your best work together, faster
  • How to use a pause to allow yourself to receive creative inspiration at work
  • What happens when we grip and white knuckle our way through things
  • Being fully present when receiving inspiration

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