Kea Meyers Duggan: following your own path

Kea Meyers Duggan: following your own path

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Kea is a professional and purpose-driven coach who draws you in with her warmth, honesty and determination to live her truth. In this podcast, she speaks about how to get from a path of drag to a path of purpose – the process and the feelings that go with it. Kea also shares what inspires her and the guiding compass she uses to stay true to her purpose.  We talk about lessons we learned from our parents, from our ancestors and how we can step into our own power that has been given to us. It’s like listening in to a deep conversation between friends that will leave you feeling inspired and like you were there, with us, in the room.

To learn more about Kea view her profile: https://collectivegain.com/listings/kea-meyers-duggan-2/

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