AdaPia d’Errico

AdaPia empowers her clients to connect to their inner meaning and create the life they deserve and desire. She helps entrepreneurs, executives and high performers identify their 'why', unlock latent creative potential and operate from a deep place of passion and purpose.

AdaPia d'Errico

AdaPia d’Errico

Los Angeles, California

  • Personal Empowerment
  • Financial Planning
  • Spirituality

About AdaPia

AdaPia is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and leadership facilitator with an emphasis on self-mastery and personal empowerment through connecting to inner meaning and purpose. She has 20+ years of experience across countries, cultures and both established and start-up environments as a founder and executive in new media, technology, investment management, and crowdfunding.
After chasing a life of patriarchal meanings of wealth and health, and never feeling fulfilled despite outward success, AdaPia found her dharma. The universe was making space for the graceful lessons and healing energy her body, psyche, and emotions needed. After several major losses and transitions she began to rebuild her life in alignment with her deepest inner meaning – not what culture, society or media dictated. AdaPia has been digging her Soul out from under her ego ever since.
Her mission is to help all others flourish and thrive rather than chase and survive. Bringing understanding and compassion to neglected, shunned and shamed aspects of our psyche and soul, AdaPia shows others that their greatest ally and power is within themselves. Her writing, strategies, tools and inspiring speeches are transforming people from fearful to fierce and moving them from a life of chasing to a life of creating. AdaPia inspires people to design their best life in alignment with their deep, driving desires.


  • University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Business Administration & Business Economics
  • Wrote Dissertation on Emotional Intelligence

  • Trained in Yoga and Meditation


  • Previous career: Finance Sector and launched 3 successful companies (two with women co-founders)
  • Advising/Coaching for 10+ years
  • Rate: $$$


  • 3-month packages
  • 60-minute weekly calls
  • Detailed intake form and strategic follow-up in writing
  • Unlimited email support
  • Coaching via phone, video call or in person



AdaPia d'Errico Testimonial

I’m so happy to have found AdaPia to help consult with me in my fashion business. AdaPia offers a unique mix of proven experience in the corporate world, with a strong spiritual side that resonates with how I operate. Working with her, I was able to unlock concrete actions for how to grow my business. She’s inspirational and inspires me to really step it up. She’s a real magic maker!

-Katherine, Founder

AdaPia d'Errico Testimonial

It is so incredibly difficult to find other women who not only understand the framework of being a feminine, empowered woman, but in navigating the very masculine environment of business, while not losing that feminine integrity, and leveraging our feminine gifts and talents to succeed. AdaPia is one of those rare women who has mastered bridging the gap – and one who walks her talk. She isn’t preaching from a stage to “do this or don’t do that”, she’s sharing her hard-earned wisdom, success, and experience, from a place of deep feminine integrity and her own commitment to her process. Not only do I trust her and feel confident in her support, but I have seen in my own process working with her, the exponential results that unfold when powerful, committed, successful women, come together to achieve something. We speak from a different place, a deeper, feminine knowing that only us women really understand. But it is connecting that softer edge with the tangible results, focus, and direction that have made AdaPia an irreplaceable asset to our team.

-Krystine, Director & CEO

AdaPia d'Errico Testimonial

AdaPia is a master of her craft. She naturally and masterfully leads you to your most authentic brand essence, through thought-provoking questions and gentle probing she helps you to see yourself and the brand that is you like you’ve never seen before! As a professional host and speaker, I am my brand & I rely heavily on my brand to grow my business, now that I’m producing my own events and documentary, I needed to take my brand to the next level. AdaPia knew how to help me make this huge brand transition

-Kirsty, International Speaker & Author

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AdaPia d’Errico

AdaPia d'Errico

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