Alene Gabriel

Alene seeks to empower, engage, and support others as they traverse careers, relationships and adventures in their individual paths. Alene is your co-pilot – so you don't need to go at it alone.

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Alene Gabriel

Los Angeles, California

  • Stress Reduction
  • Career/Life Transitions
  • Life Balance
  • Professional Performance

About Alene

Some stories have an “Aha!” moment that creates jagged turns, and others journey along like a lazy river, winding gently but flowing steadily. Alene’s is somewhere in between. She always lived her life “on track”: getting good grades, finishing college early, getting a job where she got promoted quickly and often, buying a house, and never missing a mortgage payment. She was, by most definitions, a shining example of an accomplished young lady.
And yet, she went through her days with a moderate level of dread and the sneaking suspicion that there had to be more than this.
She couldn’t escape this one simple question – what deeply mattered?
This was the turning point for Alene. Living with her light that had flickered only occasionally and most times dimly, she found an insatiable desire to light this world on fire. That moment when her clients would realize what was possible for them when they pushed aside the arbitrary rules that held them down and watched them come alive after a lifetime of walking around half-asleep: that is the moment she longs for on behalf of her clients.
There was no longer any other suitable path than to devote her time and energy to lighting the fire – or stoking it – within her clients. Through one-on-one coaching, group facilitation, and corporate work, she seeks to empower, engage, and support others as they traverse careers, relationships, and adventures in search of their own bright future.


  • B.A., Psychology, Occidental College
  • CPCC from Coach’s Training Institute


  • Previous career: Consumer Research
  • Coaching for 8 years
  • Rate: $$$


  • 6-month packages
  • 45-minute sessions
  • 2-hour discovery session
  • Unlimited email/text support
  • Coaching via phone


Alene Testimonial

Decision making comes easier now thanks to Alene’s counsel, saving me time and heartache, and giving me more joy in what I do.

-Aaron, Director

Alene Testimonial 2

Alene’s counsel has been invaluable to me. Through her mentorship, I have learned just how powerful self-reflection can be. She has helped me to discover my own definition of success and has given me the confidence and motivation to go after what I want. Alene has been instrumental to my personal growth, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

-Sarah, Manager

Alene Testimonial 3

Alene has been a trusted resource for me in my professional development. In the time that I’ve known her, Alene has selflessly committed to helping me navigate challenges and uncertainties in my first job right out of college. She has a knack for asking the right questions and provides insightful feedback without being judgmental or overbearing. As someone who is constantly looking for ways to improve professionally, I know I can always rely on Alene to provide valuable guidance.

-Yina, Director

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Alene Gabriel

Alene Gabriel Headshot

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