Alyssa Rogers

Alyssa empowers people to live their life from a place of inner awareness and alignment, so everything in their outer world flows.


Alyssa Rogers

Los Angeles, California

  • Astrology Readings
  • Life Purpose/self-understanding
  • Leadership
  • Relationships

About Alyssa

Alyssa is a coach, astrologer and workshop facilitator that is committed to connecting clients to their truth..

Formerly from the marketing world, Alyssa worked on brands including Facebook, Apple and Airbnb. After years of leading teams and projects that were focused on connecting people through technology, Alyssa discovered she was most passionate about another type of connection – the connection we have with ourselves.

Alyssa specializes in grounding clients in their individuality and bringing clarity and self-awareness to what is not seen (our gifts, patterns, limiting beliefs). Through a combination of coaching and astrological insights, Alyssa empowers self discovery to transform the way people relate to themselves, each other and their worlds. She works with both professionals 1:1 and teams.


  • B.A., Advertising, minor Psychology, Syracuse University


  • Previous career: Marketing
  • Astrologist
  • Coach
  • Facilitator


  • 20 minute astrology reading
  • 60 minute astrology reading


Alyssa Rogers testimonial

There are few people who have excelled in the corporate world and also have deep mastery of the holistic and spiritual world. Alyssa is that person. She takes her understanding of astrology and applies it to real life situations that executives face in their day to day. Alyssa has helped me understand my motivations, triggers and opportunities for growth, making me more effective in my personal and professional life.

– Ravi, Marketing Lead

Alyssa is a gifted and highly intuitive coach. As a business leader, working with her has greatly increased my level of self awareness. Often times astrology can feel generic, mystical and lacking specificity or detail. Alyssa’s astrology based coaching was grounded, specific, and very accurate. She was a clear and insightful communicator, and was able to easily translate broader themes into work/life issues I was facing. Alyssa helps me to better understand myself and the world around me. She has managed to instill in me a greater sense of self purpose, knowing and trusting my inner wisdom and intuition. Would highly recommend.

– Joyce, Head of Production

Alyssa Rogers testimonial

I’m not normally someone who would rely on astrology in a professional setting, but I was shocked at how constructive and energizing it was to coach with Alyssa. Our initial conversation blew me away – through reading my chart, she already knew the breakthroughs I’m currently experiencing in my career and the possible past-based tendencies that I default to in challenging times. She acknowledged strengths for me to lean into and we explored new areas of growth. We touched on career, family, and relationships and I walked away with concrete actions to take. I’m eager to continue coaching with her and using her intuitive and positive approach to deepening my self-awareness.

– Betsy, Film & TV Buyer

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Alyssa Rogers