Andrea Gabriel

Andrea Gabriel is a spiritual life coach and guide. Her main purpose is to reconnect her clients with their own intuition, authentic truth, and source energy.

Andrea Gabriel

Los Angeles, California

  • Spirituality
  • Higher-level consciousness
  • Gaining clarity
  • Success through intent

About Andrea

Andrea Gabriel is a spiritual life coach and guide. Her main purpose is to reconnect her clients with their own intuition, authentic truth, and source energy.
Andrea grew up in Manhattan and since her first experience connecting with her higher self, she explored many spiritual paths and modalities in order to understand the nature of our reality.
By integrating awareness, following one’s own intuition, and becoming grounded in one’s own truth, the chaotic, painful or confusing areas of life can be positively affected in simple and miraculous ways.
A natural empath and claircognizant, Andrea combines the basic resonant truths of the various spiritual and energetic modalities she has explored with her coach training and manifesting techniques to support the creation of dynamic positive results in the lives of her clients. She uses techniques such as Transcendental Meditation, Tarot Card reading, aromatherapy, herbalism, candle work, guided meditation, reiki, and chakra work to set intention and clear the path, then coaching to help you see what she can, so that you’re always able to access that inner knowledge and power, that is always with you.


  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Life Purpose Institute
  • Certified Reiki Level 1, American Reiki Academy
  • 15 years apprenticeship with clairvoyant/medium Ashitiana Sundeer
  • Mastery in Transformational Training/Legacy Program


  • Previous career: writer/producer/actress
  • Coaching for 3 years
  • Rate: $


  • A la carte sessions, custom programs
  • 90-minute sessions
  • Sessions via video, phone or in person
  • Modalities included customized for clients needs


Andrea Gabriel Testimonial 3

Andrea is superbly gifted and intuitive, which adds to her spiritual/psychic abilities. After one session I felt a deeper sense of clarity, lightness, and hope- as if my chakras had been cleansed. It’s as if my heart had expanded and opened further in her presence, especially during our meditation together. The reading was so helpful on so many levels, and her listening skills are off the charts!I felt right at home.

-Summer, Owner Summer & Sage

Andrea Gabriel Testimonial 2

After meeting with Andrea for just one session, I felt a sense of renewed energy and positivity. Also a sense of confirmation and direction, which was so nice and unexpected…She offered a variety of methods, and they were all spot on in terms of discovery and guidance. I really loved the guided meditation.

-Maria, Product Marketing Manager

Andrea Gabriel Testimonial 1

I was in the midst of a major transition in my life when I came to see Andrea and was experiencing some anxiety as a result. I felt fully supported by her as the session progressed. The guided meditation was incredible… I felt lightness and currents of energy coursing through my body. Also a deep sense of peace and knowing that I am on the right path. I reconnected with source and felt powerful and heart centered. After the session, I basically floated out of there.

-Becca, Actress

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Andrea Gabriel