Helen Vonderheide

Advanced Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner uses a sacred prayer (c) founded by Dr. Linda Howe to connect to the heart of the Akashic Records, the connective tissue from soul to source. Within this realm the soul's very essences, truths, and potentials are revealed to facilitate a profound healing experience and insights into all of life's questions!

Helen Vonderheide

Los Angeles, California

  • Advanced Certified Akashic Records Teacher

  •  Healing Through The Akashic Records

  • Discover Your Soul’s Path Through The Akashic Records

  • Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose

About Helen

Helen Vonderheide is an Advanced Certified Akashic Records teacher, speaker and practitioner. We all have dreams, and for Helen, her dream had always been to work in Film and TV as a producer. As time went on, she felt like her goals were only inches away from success and she worked hard to do everything right. It was a gut-wrenching blow when the project she was working on, despite her best intentions, fell apart and her life along with it. She didn’t know what to do, but did know she needed clarity and direction to continue moving forward. She took it one day at a time and ended up on a path to find her way out of the darkness – that path led her straight to Akashic Records. When Helen discovered the Records, it was if a huge weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. Through this growing insight, she uncovered more wisdom on how to find true peace and happiness in the journey, and to trust in oneself, above all else.


Helen Vonderheide testimonial

I have worked with Helen almost every week for the last 3-4 months and my life and perception of life has completely changed. She is very talented in her gifts and she has a nurturing loving and soft spoken voice. She creates a safe space to ask questions that may be difficult and uncomfortable. She channels from a nonjudgmental space and has guided me through some of the toughest obstacles I have ever faced and I am learning to trust my intuition so much more from our sessions. She is open hearted, strong and so unbelievably loving and compassionate. I have referred my closest family and friends to her who are also always completely impressed and amazed with the results. I would send anyone her way.

-Christie, Energy Healer/Cannabis Entrepreneur

Helen Vonderheide testimonial

I love that your tag line is ‘I help people find the clarity and courage they’re missing in their life so they can step into their greatness.’ I feel like that is EXACTLY what you did for me. What was most helpful about the reading was the specificity that you were able to answer my questions with. It literally felt like you were connecting to a higher part of me that in a way, already knew the answers, and your reading only confirmed them. Your answers weren’t vague or generic at all, but rather exact and so deliberately truthful. My questions were very meaningful to me because of all the spiritual work I’ve been doing for the past year. In the midst of all of my doubting, my fear, and my anxiety, there has been a little voice or entity that I’ve felt lets me know it’s all ok regardless of the situation. I felt like you were able to access that voice. You were also so concise and fluid throughout the entire reading. Your body, your mind, your whole being was present and channeling. In the past I’ve had my hesitations about going to a psychic because there are so many charlatans out there, but the grace and power your presence and the accuracy of your answers felt intuitively honest. There was a very motherly and nurturing feel to the entire thing. I know you, so I trust you, but I think that for people who are super skeptical, your reading style will quickly put them at ease. Your personality and reading style doesn’t feel phony or contrived. People need to feel like they trust you because if they are coming to you they are in some sort of pain, looking for answers, looking for ease. You invoke that trust immediately.

-Victoria, Photographer/Filmmaker

Helen Vonderheide testimonial

Helen is an extremely gifted and talented individual. After my session with her, I truly believe that there are people on this Earth blessed with the capacity to transcend the physical world and all the ego and attachment that comes with it that clutters our ability to see truth, to see things as they really are, as is. There is so much to learn from the lens for which Helen sees our place and purpose in this life. She doesn’t preach and will never give unsolicited advice or tell someone what they need to do. She is a compassionate and understanding constant who wants nothing more than to help others unlock the truth deep within and begin the healing process, but only when you are ready and willing to see what lies just beyond your sight, only when you are ready to see the truth and do the work to change your path, only when you are ready to learn will a teacher like Helen appear, as a guide, as a healer, as a source of tranquility radiating the love and kindness you need to find strength to crawl out of the darkness and flip on the light.

-Elizabeth, Founder/Creative Director of a studio company

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Helen’s Offerings

15-minute Akashic Record Reading: $65

30-minute Akashic Record Reading: $130

60-minute Akashic Record Reading: $230

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