Jane Schreiner

Jane leads her clients to extraordinary change through powerful questioning and insightful guidance.

Jane Schreiner

Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • Live Purpose & Fulfillment
  • Recovery & Addiction
  • Relationships
  • Self-Confidence

About Jane

The first thing Jane will tell you is that coaching is her heart’s work. She is incredibly passionate about walking with her clients in creating the life that lights them up!
Jane has had several small businesses and raised four wonderful children. From an early age, she began actively searching for what it means to be happy and how to live in joy.
Jane sought answers in traditional therapy, eastern mindfulness training, endless studies and a few sidetracks into addictions. Ultimately she learned how to live in resonance with herself. From this journey came her coaching practice and curriculum which she calls Happiness Is A Skill. She now writes, teaches and most especially coaches.
Jane’s coaching began when people asked her for help. These were people struggling with life decisions, feeling lost and unclear on how to move forward. Observing how she lived her life, people came to Jane and asked for coaching. From there she wrote her Happiness Is A Skill curriculum. Jane is a keynote speaker and leads workshops on this topic. Additionally, she has also done extensive work with parents of young people in and out of addiction recovery.
Jane has 3 certifications which round out her life experience in coaching.
She has a PCC from the International Coach Federation. She also has a CPCC from Coaches Training Institute. Additionally, she is a Certified Recovery Specialist in addiction recovery. Continuing to learn and hone her coaching skills is Jane’s other passion!


  • PCC, International Coach Federation
  • CPCC, Coaches Training Institute
  • CRS, The International Recovery Institute


  • Previous career: Strategic Planning
  • Coaching for 10 years
  • Rate: $


  • 4 session packages
  • 60-minute calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • Coaching via phone, video call or in person


When I first met Jane I was going through some very hard transitions in my life. I was recently divorced and needed to start focusing more on my career while parenting three teenagers. I had never had coaching before I met Jane, so wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was full of fear about my situation and I found Jane to be understanding, kind and a very good listener. Each session she seems to intuitively know what to focus on, she brings in a spiritual side to her coaching which has been incredibly useful in times of stress. Jane has gently guided me to stick with the goals that I have and taught me how to move forward when things have seemed impossible. I highly recommend her. After every session, I come off the phone feeling empowered and excited to move forward with my goals. I look forward to the coaching sessions and as someone who is very used to working alone, it has been extremely valuable to help me move forward. Call Jane!!


Jane is now and has been for several years a profound and positive influence in my life. Jane possesses a passion, an empathetic intuition and caring that when coupled with her training creates a force for change. I could not begin to express all the positive influences Jane has had on me. Jane has helped me find direction, purpose, and love for myself. She is aiding me in finding my own questions and answers. I came out of a terribly dark decade plagued by debilitating pain. She helped me find a reason to be, to better know myself, and is now assisting me as I move forward in career and life.

If you are considering hiring a coach I encourage anyone to at least interview, Jane. She has expansive knowledge and tools. Personal and professional inspiration will be found. Be ready to do the work! Accountability is part of the deal.


I have only been working with Jane for a short time and the impact of her skills is amazing. She has taught me to create a new set of thoughts and adjust the focus on what I would like my life to become. I have grasped that if you want to bring something into your life, you can create an environment for it to arrive. I am excited to continue to work with Jane. I cannot wait to experience all that I am creating for my future.


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Jane Schreiner

Jane Schreiner

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