Jason Press

Jason specializes in “nurturing curiosity” -- tapping into his clients’ natural desire to explore, grow and create -- both individually and within their organizations.

Jason Press

Jason Press

Palm Springs, California

  • Executive Coaching
  • Purpose in Work
  • Career Growth
  • Work-Life Happiness

About Jason

Jason specializes in “nurturing curiosity” — tapping into his clients’ natural desire to explore, grow and create — both individually and within their organizations.

Coming from the mad world of New York advertising, Jason has evolved from being an ad man who knows all the answers to recognizing that most leaders are fully capable of making the right decisions — particularly when they have a supportive, collaborative and creative-minded coach working with them to get past their blind spots and see new possibilities.

Prior to beginning his executive coaching practice, Jason was known for managing fast-growing and profitable creative service companies, delivering year-over-year top line and bottom line growth. Within WPP’s Grey Advertising, Jason built a New York-based branding and design company from the ground up and managed a sales promotion network across multiple offices. At MDC, he ran the West Coast office of a global social media agency.

Jason is skilled at consistently bringing out the best in people and inspiring original and bold ideas. 


  • B.A., Marketing, University of Texas Arlington
  • Certified Professional Coach, Hudson Institute of Professional Coaching


  • Previous career: Advertising Executive
  • Coaching for 9 years


  • Emerging Leaders
  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Time and workload management
  • Burnout and work-life balance


Through coaching, the client quickly began to recognize that he was stuck, and needed to make a purposeful change. We developed an action plan that worked on multiple levels: Rebuilding the client’s confidence, giving a voice to his values, creating a healthy dialogue with his management team, and developing a transition plan that allowed him to explore rewarding opportunities outside of the organization.

The client returned to his entrepreneurial roots with partners he trusts, communicates openly and honestly, and shares a singular vision of how to grow the new company. 

-CEO, Software Company

I worked with the client to reframe potential opportunities ahead, helping him develop a “pro-tirement” strategy that would be both engaging and rewarding. An eager learner and sports enthusiast with a great sense of humor, the client shifted from asking, “How will I spend my days?” to “Now I have the chance to pursue my real passions.” 

Through a series of self-discovery exercises, his self-awareness and excitement about future possibilities grew. During the course of our work together, the client went from a very narrow definition of volunteer work within the talent management space, to tap into his own talents — enrolling in stand-up comedy courses and hitting the road in a tour bus that followed his favorite minor league baseball team across the country. 

Moreover, our work culminated with his reigniting connections with important family members, and gaining renewed excitement for life, that leveraged both his professional and personal passions.

-Senior HR Executive

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Jason Press

Jason Press