Karen Baker

Karen Baker is a heart-centered warrior who works with high achievers to reach the greatest levels of success. With deep passion, authenticity, and courage, Karen supports her clients to dream bigger than they’ve ever dreamed before and create a life they love, doing what they love.

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Karen Baker

Cleveland, Ohio

  • Success Alignment
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Career Transition
  • Legacy Builder
  • Entrepreneurs

About Karen

Karen Baker has a background in Non-Profit Management, High Level Resource Development and Fundraising, drawn to the field of coaching by a calling to help individuals create miracles in their own lives, and live a legacy that creates a magnificent dent in the universe. With foundational beliefs in possibility, aligned power, and dignity, Karen helps her clients to see their world in a whole new light. And that’s when the magic happens.
Karen specializes in guiding high-powered people to reclaim their power. It would seem high-powered professionals already have stepped into their power, but Karen would disagree. Often those who have experienced the greatest success have the most potential still lying underneath the surface. Through her work with clients, she helps to support her clients as they uncover the blind spots, eliminate the energy drains, trash the bullshit stories, move past insecurity and self doubt and live a life of meaning and exponential success.


  • B.A., Hampshire College
  • Certifed Executive Coach, Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University


  • Previous career:  Non-Profit Management
  • Coaching for over 5 years
  • Rate: $$$$


  • 6, 9 & 12 month packages
  • 60-minute calls
  • 2-hour intensive
  • Unlimited email support
  • Coaching via video call or in person


I am strong. I’ve always been strong. My career was built on strength. I have used my strength for good and bad. Karen held up a mirror to where I could see beyond my muscles, and look deeper inside my body. And if a mirror could double as an X-ray, Karen helped me see what was behind the strength of my muscles, past the structure of my bones. For the first time in my life, I saw my heart. It was scary to go there. I was paid lots of money to keep away from my heart. Because of Karen, I saw that’s where the treasure is. That’s where the gems are. That’s where my family, God, the universe is. Karen did that. I did that too. Because she believed in me.

-Anonymous, retired NFL Professional

There are times I wanted to just end my calls with Karen. So many times. My life has been carefully carved out. Karen chiseled away at the scripted life of a high ranking career military man. Karen did that, and I resisted because I did not want to see my own weakness. Karen helped me see that my weaknesses, my pain…those things you called ‘being human’ are the greatest source of my strength. She made me see that there isn’t a measurable ROI to everything. The journey is the learning, and then there’s the outcome. And oh how that frustrated me. Karen supported me even when I didn’t feel like doing the work. And the work continues. And who I am as man, a husband, a father, a CEO is powerful and comes from self-discovery and the accepting the power of my love.

-Anonymous, Security and Intelligence CEO

I have worked with coaches all my life. They told me when to eat, sleep, call and visit my Mama, which college to go to, which classes to register for that I would never attend. I relied on my coaches for everything. When I retired from the NFL, I missed the game. I even missed the pain when I woke up on Monday or Tuesday morning. Karen asked me what I most missed about my career in the NFL. And she asked me again and again. And as we continued to talk, week after week, through good and bad and even ugly I realized what I missed most was right in front of me. I missed having a supportive, powerful coach on my side. And there she was. Thank you, Karen.

-Anonymous, retired NFL Professional

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Karen Baker

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