Kea Meyers Duggan

Kea blends her career savvy, entrepreneurial experience, and coaching skills to help mid-career women who are feeling unfulfilled, stuck and just plain burned out to gain clarity and the focus they need to create a step-by-step plan of action to have the career and ultimately the life they’ve been daydreaming about.

Kea Meyers Duggan

Los Angeles, California

  • Work/Life Happiness
  • Career Transition & Pivots
  • Personal Branding / Confidence Building
  • Action Planning
  • Future-Self Visualization

About Kea

For nearly 20 years, Kea worked in a marketing career that sucked her soul dry but she didn’t know what to do about it. To start finding a little guidance and relief, she started working with her own coaches. In doing so, it helped her to get unstuck and realize her own power so she could start making new and better decisions.

As a life + career makeover mentor, Kea specializes in helping professional women who are in the middle of their career, feeling like they are stuck in quicksand and are desperate for a way out. They’re fed up, paralyzed by all their options, and are ready to figure out what’s holding them back.

Are you ready to get from where you are to where you want to be without blowing your life up? Then you should talk to Kea!


  • B.S., Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Certified Professional Coach, Leadership That Works, Coaching for Transformation


  • Previous career: Integrated Marketing Director
  • Coaching for 2 years
  • Rate: $$


  • 30 & 50-minute laser coaching
  • 3 & 6-month engagements
  • 50-minute calls
  • Weekly calls
  • Email support
  • Coaching via video, phone in person for certain LA locations
  • Half & full-day intensives are also available


Kea Testimonial 2

I am so grateful for Kea. Kea has been such an inspiration to me on my journey. We had a session a few months ago and it was very eye opening because she was able to guide me and show me that my happiness each day was a choice. I was not a victim of my circumstances, of my job, of what I was going through in life each day, and that I had the ability to take actions that felt in alignment for me to feel happy and joy and at peace. I still carry that lesson with me every day to try to have a reframe in my life and to feel better about the direction that my life is going.


Kea Testimonial 1

My recent coaching sessions with Kea helped me in so many ways. Her warm and caring way made me feel comfortable. She was able to ask me questions in a way that really made me think about things in my life and to see solutions. When I felt stuck in our progress she knew exactly what to say to get me on track again. I was able to discover so many things about myself and to make changes, both big and small. It felt amazing to become unstuck, to see my relationships in a new and different way, and to be able to work toward my goals.


Kea Testimonial 3

Working with Kea for coaching has been a great experience for me. It’s been very impactful, it’s helped me look beyond what I think is possible, and really experience a deeper level of transformation for myself in terms of what are my goals, what are my desires, what are my beliefs. Her style is one that I find warm, friendly, encouraging, but she can smoothly move into this area of challenging me to help me think deeper than what’s immediately possible and beyond that which I’ve found very helpful in the long run. Like the name of her business, The Aha! Project, I have found that I have an aha moment with her while being coached that has helped to really transform my life and my career.


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 Kea Meyers Duggan