Kim Rowe

Kim's no-nonsense love and clarity cuts through to the heart of the matter, making a clear starting point for things to happen.

Kim Rowe

Kim Rowe

Los Angeles, California

  • Chronic Illness
  • Relationships
  • Anxiety / Stress
  • Confidence
  • Healing / Emotional Trauma

About Kim

Kim’s clients are tired of their own shit. They want to experience real change and they are ready to do the work to get there. They just don’t know where to begin, or may need some support to keep going.
Kim’s no-nonsense love and clarity cuts through to the heart of the matter, making a clear starting point for things to happen. Whether it’s a push to deepen their relationships, find their passion, heal their past, or connect with their true selves, Kim’s clients have experienced it all as a result of their work. She has seen her clients through chronic illness to health, divorce to love, unending worry to trust in one’s self, infertility to pregnancy, being overwhelmed by motherhood to flowing with ease, and more. Her clients report that because of Kim’s care, insight, and commitment to the Truth, working with her is both distilled and potent, efficient and transformative.
Kim found her way to this work through her own 15-year struggle with chronic illness. When none of her respected doctors could help her, she realized she couldn’t give her healing away to anyone else and expect to get well. That’s when the Healing Boss inside her was born. Now that she’s well, she mentors other women into becoming their own Healing Bosses.
A Healing Boss knows what is required to become whole and empowered, and to just keep expanding. The process of healing is the transformation we are all after.
You. Free. On the other side. Able to continue to heal through whatever life gifts you.


  • B.A., Communications, UT Austin
  • Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Clairvoyant Program at ClearSight Santa Monica
  • Craniosacral Fascial Therapist by The Gillespie Approach
  • Herbalism Intensive with Susan Weed


  • Previous career: Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Coaching for 3 years
  • Rate: $


  • 12-week package
  • 45-minute calls
  • 7 calls, plus two intensives per package
  • Unlimited email support
  • Coaching via video call or in person


Working with Kim has been life-changing. Before her guidance, I was really struggling with owning my own power and knowing where and how to start my true healing journey. Hers is a different approach, and one that has really shifted my life and personal perspective. I had 20-plus years of therapy under my belt and worked as a consultant and coach myself, but was in great need of the tenderness, fierceness, absolute unconditional support and love I received from Kim. Kim knows what works, and she has the extraordinary gift of being able to see inside of each of us, to use her laser focus to call out what needs attention in a motherly, loving, exploratory way.


I am a different person than I was before I started working with Kim. She helped me get unstuck, identify and correct old thinking patterns, and pushed me to grow in ways I didn’t realize I could. I’m stronger, clearer thinking, less anxious, and I’ve tapped into gifts I never knew existed inside of me. I can’t say enough about how she’s literally changed my life.


Prior to working with Kim, I had always felt lost to the idea of “inner intuition” that so many speak of. Kim immediately identified that I did not actually lack intuition, but that I had learned to suppress it in response to trauma, the very thing that perpetuated my illness. My work with her has helped me discover ways to heal very old, very deep wounds with my own love, to uncover my real self through my own intuition, and to change the trajectory of my healing.


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Kim Rowe

Kim Rowe

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