Mimi Truong

Mimi Truong is a Conscious Coach who sees the authentic spirit in everyone she meets.

Mimi Truong

Mimi Truong

Los Angeles, California

  • Career Growth Transition
  • Change Management
  • Relationship Building
  • Astrology Analysis

About Mimi

Mimi Truong is a Conscious Coach who sees the authentic spirit in everyone she meets. Growing up, she felt the pressure to be someone she was not, based on social norms and the expectations of immigrant parents to follow a traditional path and to embody “perfection.” The privilege of completing college, receiving a law degree and working for reputable corporate organizations left her wanting. After many attempts to fit in a mold, the mold could no longer contain her. She found her way to her own authentic path, which is to heal and empower others to abandon the mold and find freedom. Mimi believes that everyone can live in joy, passion, abundance, purpose, and freedom.

By working with her, you will discover new ways of seeing yourself, your career, your relationships, and your community. You will gain the courage to allow yourself to be seen and heard so that the world can be blessed with your gifts and talents. The collective consciousness is healed when we heal as individuals. The healing journey with Mimi involves combining ancient tools such as astrology and the Akashic records with the practicality of modern coaching. This process is a partnership in co-creation of who you are here to become.


  • B.A., Rhetoric & Communication, University of Richmond
  • J.D., Doctor of Law, Thomas M. Cooley Law School
  • Executive Coaching Certification from Institute of Organization Development
  • Michael Strasner’s PhD Trainer & Facilitator Program


  • Previous career: Lawyer
  • Coaching for 3 years


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Clarity and mindset
  • Astrology


Mimi Truong testimonial

Analytical by nature, I found it a challenge to align my head space with my heart space. Working with Mimi allowed me to tap into other areas of my life I did not initially seek to work on, thereby effectively and cohesively bringing insight and balance into my life.

Mimi has an innate ability to hone in on your current belief system, methodically break down your limiting beliefs to identify the source, and propose an effective manner of self-reflection and assignments which shifts your former way of thinking. She listens objectively and challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone.


Mimi Truong

Mimi is a powerful combination of seer, healer, and thinker. The easiest way to a solution is to explore a problem from a variety of angles and Mimi’s coaching consistently encourages me to see matters in a different light. Each time expanding my perspective and proving time and again the many possibilities that are available at any given moment, no matter the challenge.

Her approach is pragmatic, inquisitive and she’s astute. During our sessions I always feel Mimi is completely committed and fully invested in both my process and my progress – judging neither. In every instance her kind, loving, and spiritually grounded ways of interacting create a safe container to share my truth and dive deep into exploration.

Her best trait is never telling or teaching but rather, encouraging me to use the power to create or to change course that only I can wield. Mimi’s coaching has consistently supported me in creating possibilities where previously I saw none, finding solutions, and up-leveling in all areas of life.


Mimi Truong

Throughout my life, I’ve noticed how much my emotions fluctuate and my deep connection to nature is intense. I’ve been curious and asked myself “Why do I sometimes wake up feeling sad for no apparent reason or can’t help but feel joy when times have been rough.” So, I went on a journey of self-discovery, seeking the answers to my “WHYs.”

While I had done some research on my astrological sign, my knowledge was barely touching the surface. In the short time spent with Mimi, I discovered more about my patterns, my feeling, and my own wounds than any book, training, meditation, or journaling exercise had done before. Her knowledge and intuition lead me on a journey of discovering so many answers to my “WHYs.” Mimi is patient and kind; her intention was for me to understand who I am. This session changed the course of my life. I now know what I need in order to feel whole. I know the purpose of my life and how I can create it. I know who I am, where I have been, and most importantly, where I am going. I often listen to the recording Mimi provided and even after a year, I still discover something new.


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Mimi Truong

Mimi Truong