Sarah Anassori

Sarah seamlessly unites her years of traditional business experience with her passion for mindful living, personal innovation and authentic leadership to bring a strategic and spiritual approach to coaching clients through meaningful career transitions.

Sarah Anassori

Santa Monica, California

  • Holistic Executive Coaching
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Career Transitions
  • Mindful & Meditation
  • Life Balance

About Sarah

As a Holistic Executive Coach, Sarah supports high-achieving professionals as they step into work (and a new way of working) that is aligned with who they are, what they believe in, and the legacy they wish to build.

In her practice, Sarah seamlessly unites her years of traditional business experience growing multimillion dollar brands as a Marketing Manager at Johnson & Johnson with her passion for yoga, mindfulness, personal growth, and leadership to bring a strategic, holistic, and heart-centered approach to the field of coaching. She guides her clients through the journey of stepping into their unique potential and signature leadership style using Transformational Coaching Methods and the Strategic Intervention techniques of Tony Robbins with a strong eye for creating a work-life that integrates with their personal mission and ideal lifestyle. Her coaching philosophy centers on the perspective that we bring our whole selves to everything we do – whether we like it or not! Only through strengthening and unifying each aspect of our life, learning to work with (not against) our fears, and fully stepping into our authentic self, are we truly able to do our best work.

Sarah has facilitated leadership and mindfulness workshops for renowned organizations including Deloitte, Oracle, and ZS Consulting. She has privately coached individuals from the Associate to VP level at leading companies including Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, The Wonderful Company, MillerCoors, Digitas Health, Northwestern Mutual, Bumble & Bumble,, Microsoft,, InterContinental Hotels Group, and Fruit of the Loom.

Sarah founded a women’s leadership program, Stepping into Someday, in 2016 to address one of the fundamental, but often unspoken drivers of the women’s leadership gap: the relationship women have with themselves. The virtual group coaching intensive facilitates a powerful pause to turn inward and begin the good work of bringing awareness to our deepest desires, shedding light on limiting patterns and stories that are blocking us from fully stepping into our leadership (in every segment of our life), and consciously rebuilding how we relate to ourselves. Sarah’s soulful and profoundly practical guidance aims not to just inspire women to step into their leadership, but to truly equip them to live and create from a deeply empowered state. Graduates have launched new companies, negotiated significant raises and promotions, been hired for their dream job, entered into crucial conversations with company leadership, and exited toxic work environments. Most importantly, participants reclaim what they always knew on some quiet, but deep level – “I am worthy and deserving of my success and I trust myself to be bold with my life and my work.”.


  • B.S., Marketing & Entrepreneurship, University of Florida
  • Certified in Strategic Intervention from the Robbins-Madanes Training Center
  • Certified Yoga Teacher


  • Previous career: Marketing Executive
  • Coaching for 3 years


  • Life and career transitions
  • Limiting belief work
  • Mindset shifting
  • Holistic and energetic Coaching
  • Strategic intervention


When I started working with Sarah, I was looking for structure as I navigated a big career change. What I got out of it was that and so much more. I walked away with a renewed relationship with myself (Do you have one? I didn’t.), a strong awareness to limiting beliefs and thought patterns that hold me back (a game changer), and a revitalized perspective on life and dreaming (something I hadn’t done in a while). Sarah gave me the tools and support to think through what I truly wanted and move me into action. I’m braver, bolder, more open to world around me, and living each day with a little more joy. If you are thinking about working with Sarah, say yes! Don’t go at this alone. You don’t have to.

-Kristina, Founder of an event planning company

Sarah Anassori

Sarah’s coaching was a complete eye opener for me to break through the barriers that have been holding me back in my business. Sarah offers a warm, gentle, and safe space for you to grow and explore. Her energy is magnetic and creates this amazing vibe to feed off of throughout the program. Sarah’s coaching was completely invaluable to me and surpassed any expectations I had going into the experience. If you are someone on the brink of change who needs a little help and feels like even a piece of you is drawn to coaching, do it! You will not regret developing, defining, and stepping into your someday with Sarah!

-Leslie, Therapist & Business Owner

Sarah Anassori

I am so grateful that I took a chance hiring a coach! Sarah has a gift – she does an amazing job of guiding but not pushing, prompting but not directing. She challenged me to think differently about myself and my potential; she led me to conclusions in a way that felt natural and organic. I appreciated the combination of bright light and deep, soulful energy that Sarah brought to every conversation. The program provoked commitment and provided structure, creating the space to address big questions in my life. I emerged feeling powerful and grounded. Thank you, Sarah!

-Abby, Director of Operations

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Sarah Anassori

Sarah Anassori