Shannon Kobes

Advanced Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner uses a sacred prayer (c) founded by Dr. Linda Howe to connect to the heart of the Akashic Records, the connective tissue from soul to source. Within this realm the soul's very essences, truths, and potentials are revealed to facilitate a profound healing experience and insights into all of life's questions!

Shannon Kobes

Shannon Kobes

Los Angeles, California

  • Advanced Certified Akashic Records Practitioner

  • Healing Through The Akashic Records

  • Discover Your Soul’s Path Through The Akashic Records

  • Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose


  • B.A., Phsycology; Wayne State College, NE
  • Double Masters Degree in Cognitive and Social Psychology; Ball State University, IN
  • Community Ecological Psychology; Michigan State University, MI


  • Certified Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner
  • Associate Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Ability to channel light language, lead meditation, connect to intuition, knowledge of essential oils, energy and crystal healing


  • Life Transformation
  • Financial Planning/ Abundance
  • Career/ Soul Purpose/ Calling
  • Personal/ Work Relationships
  • Clarity/ Direction

About Shannon

Shannon connects you to the level of awareness your soul intended.

Shannon grew up with a magical mother; she learned how to clear her own energy before she learned how to drive. However, wanting to do all the “right things,” she shut down her intuitive abilities. Instead, she went on to grad school and created a well curated life in consulting that focused on bringing multidisciplinary stakeholders together to build trust and create change. Nevertheless, once she recognized that there was more to give and to be, life redirected her back towards her roots and energy healing.

Shannon’s goal is to support you in becoming more aligned with the level of awareness your soul intended. She is grounded, experienced; you can trust her to help you open up the imagination to expand into your unique talents and gifts. Shannon can help you tap into another aspect of self, peel back the layers and uncover the unseen, untapped resources that lay within you, your team, and/ or your business.

Learn more about what the Akashic Records are and how they can bring clarity and deeper understanding to your life.


Shannon Kobes Testimonial

I was feeling “stuck” and couldn’t understand what was going on. Overall, I felt like I wasn’t in a good place and things were just crumbling all at once with my job and relationships. I received an Akashic Reading from Shannon to gain a better understanding of what was going on in my life.

Through the reading, Shannon was able to provide me with clarity and guidance as to how I can move forward. I asked my questions and everything she was saying, I was able to pinpoint exactly what she was talking in my life to make those connections.

Overall, I felt better about my outlook after the reading and I feel comforted to know I was provided with guidance. Other than the reading, Shannon was very understanding and empathic as I was sharing with her my personal problems. She’s a really sweet person and was encouraging throughout the conversation. I highly recommend you experience this with Shannon!

-Ahn L.

Shannon Kobes Testimonial

Shannon’s Akashic Records Readings are the real deal. I am always impressed at her ability to get to the heart of the matter. I know that I can trust what she says because she deeply cares about her clients, and is extremely skilled and experienced at her craft. She has a way of lovingly delivering the truth. The answers come in very quickly for Shannon and her sight is very detailed as well. Every session is different, because she is tapped in to every moment and what is needed. She has a true desire to serve and create healing. I walk away from Akashic Record sessions with Shannon feeling clear, calm and ready to tackle what’s next. Her compassion and love is felt. Run, don’t walk, and book with her now.

-Lily M., Actress

Shannon Kobes Testimonial

Shannon reading my Akashic Records provided me much needed clarity about a variety of issues; at the end of both sessions, I felt spiritual weight had been lifted from my soul (weight I didn’t even realize I was carrying). The information I learned during the sessions allowed me to pinpoint areas on which to focus my spiritual, emotional, and physical healing in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. This has not only allowed me to live in more light and love, but to also share more light and love with others. There were parts of the Akashic Records that were difficult to hear, but Shannon maintained a calm demeanor of understanding and grace throughout it all. She has a precious gift and exudes a wonderful energy!

-Jacqui A., Nurse

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Shannon Kobes

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