Shannon Lyn Arnold

Shannon helps introverted professionals build quiet confidence by staying true to the way they're wired.

Shannon Lyn Arnold

Shannon Lyn Arnold

Los Angeles, California

  • Introverted Professionals
  • Career Transition
  • Spirituality
  • Marriage/Relationships

About Shannon

Shannon helps introverted professionals build quiet confidence by staying true to the way they’re wired.
This begins with a deep understanding of why that wiring makes certain situations more challenging for you, so you can become aware of your breaking points and navigate them more effectively ― before you’re hit with an introvert hangover.
Shannon is a Certified Professional Coach and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, certified to give the Energy Leadership Assessment and debrief. This is a powerful tool that uncovers what is holding you back from success, joy, and purpose on the deepest level so you can begin creating the life you want and deserve.
As an introvert, an HSP, and an INFJ, Shannon has experienced first-hand that owning your unique value is the true path to your professional and personal success. It’s her mission to help you learn how to step into your worthiness and use your introversion as one of your greatest strengths.


  • B.A., Journalism & Communications, Greenville College
  • iPEC Certified Professional Coach
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)


  • Previous career: Marketing
  • Coaching for 2 years
  • Rate: $


  • 3 month packages
  • 45-minute calls
  • 3x per month
  • Unlimited email support
  • Coaching via phone, video call or in person



Shannon was my coach for about 3 months. When I started with her, I was in a tough place with my job – unhappy and not seeing any clear path forward on how to make things better. My entire process with Shannon guiding me was incredible. She was patient, supportive, and insightful.

The explanations and exercises she led me through were enormously helpful, as I learned about myself and my reaction in stressful situations (which I felt I was in a lot). She helped me gain the clarity I needed around my true motivations, goals, and values professionally, but it impacted my personal life as well.

As we worked together, I ultimately gained the ability to be more calm and confident in stressful situations, where previously my reaction was to shut up and keep my head down, letting anger and frustration build up inside me.

She led me through several exercises to show me my default energy level (apathy/anger) and coached me on how I can recognize when I’m there and more importantly, how to get out.



Shannon is an awesome coach. I had many issues around relationships, self-esteem, career, and so on where I needed guidance. Shannon is a fantastic listener and she consistently captured and uncovered the deep-seated issues I was struggling with. She handled my situation very delicately, yet professionally, and asked very empowering questions!

Shannon’s coaching style really helped me raise new awareness and find solutions. I am able to envision new opportunities for different aspects of my life as a result of our coaching relationship. I would most definitely recommend Shannon to anyone who needs inspiration and guidance to achieve the things they really want in life.


Shannon offers transformational coaching for people who are stuck, facing blocks that seem insurmountable, or feeling unfulfilled but unsure of why and how to change. She works with clients who truly want to transform their lives, but just can’t figure out how to get out of their own way and the rut they’ve fallen into.

Whether it’s looking for a new job or improving your attitude about your current job, wanting a new relationship or to appreciate your current relationship more, or wanting to change a way of thinking or being in the world that you know is no longer serving you, Shannon provides coaching that is inclusive, client-centered and truly transformational.


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Shannon Lyn Arnold

Shannon Lyn Arnold

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