Sloan d’Entremont

Sloan is a passionate and energetic engineer, tri-athlete, and transformational coach who is focused on helping her clients achieve what they most desire. Sloan believes anything is possible when we get focused and take it step by step.

Sloan d’Entremont

Alberta, Canada

  • Career/Life Transitions
  • Women in Tech & Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Finding & Living Your Passion
  • Dreamchitecture

About Sloan

Sloan is a passionate and energetic professional woman who genuinely cares about helping her clients achieve what they most want to achieve. She operates with a commitment to her clients, making them feel fully supported, being by their side, helping them uncover and develop their true gifts and talents and to live to their extraordinary capacity. She believes her client’s reach is truly limitless.
After a very fruitful 28 years of a career in the Chemical and Oil & Gas industry, her career took an unexpected turn when the market dropped that led her to some deep soul searching; who am I, to my core, and how can I live that to the fullest as I walk forward? It was in this self-exploration that she discovered Co-Active coaching and her calling. She was home.
Sloan discovered her passion when leading investigation-based performance improvement at work. When the focus was on supporting people in gaining new insights and personal realizations, she felt truly energized. It was clear how much creativity and talent was being pushed beneath the drive of doing more, doing faster and doing right. That drive had snuffed the flame of passion within people to a mere smolder of office, and life, survival. It doesn’t have to be this way, she thought.
Sloan pursued her certification in Co-Active Coaching from CTI and now finds the Co-Active coaching tools and experience she gained to not only help her, her children and her athletics, but also the many clients she has had the pleasure of working with. Believe in better, focus your energy, and receive all this life has to offer.


  • B.SC., Engineering at Queen’s University
  • Learning as Leadership full-year program
  • CTI Co-Active Coaching Certification (CPCC)


  • Previous career: Chemical Engineer, Learning Facilitator
  • Coaching for 2 years
  • Rate: $


  • 6-month packages
  • 45/60 minute sessions
  • 2-hour discovery session
  • Email support
  • Coaching via video, phone or in person


Sloan Testimonial 1

My experience with Sloan has truly been life-changing. Her coaching has allowed me to break barriers and accomplish goals in my career that I have struggled with for years. It is through Sloan’s coaching that I have attained the largest career advancement in my years as a professional. It was an honor and a privilege to have such a dedicated and passionate coach as Sloan.

-Casey, Director of Accounting

Sloan’s calm and creative method of coaching has truly connected and inspired me to bring out my executive presence in many difficult situations. I picked the direction of our sessions but she provided the guidance and tools to propel me to the next stage in my career

-Carolynn, Controller

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Sloan d’Entremont

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