Terrie Huberman

Terrie will make a soul or spirit connection with you and tap into energy to bring messages of awareness, hope, and comfort. She’ll get you ‘unstuck’ and have you moving forward again with a renewed sense of purpose.

Terrie Huberman

Terrie Huberman

Los Angeles, California

  • Psychic/Medium
  • Certifications: Psychic Mediumship LWISSD, SOAR
  • Akashic Records: Center for Akashic Studies
  • IET®: The Center of Being

About Terrie

Terrie comes from a family of intuitive women, and learned she was a medium when she started to investigate paranormal claims in various locations. Having taken many courses and certifications requiring vigorous study and validation in Psychic, Mediumship, IET®, guided meditations, Reiki, and Akashic Records, Terrie has been publicly tested and validated as authentic and ethical and does it all with a side of compassion and kindness.

Offerings (can be done remote or in-person):

INTUITIVE READING (45 minutes):  Terrie will bring you information about your past, present, future and how they influence each other in getting you unstuck. She uses various divination tools and encourages questions to be asked. Psychic talents utilized are clairvoyance (sight), clairaudience (sound), clairsentience (feeling), and psychometry (energy reading of objects).

SOUL COACHING (45/75/90 minutes):  Utilizing the Akashic Records, Terrie will link to your soul’s collection of thoughts, events, and emotions that are housed in a non-physical dimension known as the astral plane. When they are accessed, answers to your most compelling current issues or questions can be answered from the soul’s perspective. These are best known as life purpose readings.


Terrie Huberman testimonial

I wanted to take a moment to thank Terrie for the messages she brought through to me. I was floored about things she knew that she could possibly not know (since I literally did not mention them to anyone!). The hairs on my arm stood on end while she expressed some very intimate details. The messages were helpful and confirmed some changes I need to make in my life. Terrie is super warm, inviting and has such a fun sense of humor, you will be glad for the experience and feel at ease.

-Jules, Educator

Terrie Huberman testimonial

I had a psychic reading by Terrie & it was way more than I could have ever hoped for! Terrie began her reading & she instantly picked up on everything I was feeling and worried about. I was truly amazed by how well she tuned in. She hit on so many things I was in tears by the end! (In a good way!)
Terrie has an amazing, calming energy about her, the second you’re in her presence you can feel the light radiating from her aura. She is extremely kind, compassionate & honest. After my reading, Terrie gave me some personal spiritual advice on how to help deal with situations in my life. I took her advice & I will say that it worked 100%.
My reading with Terrie was stellar. This experience was every bit of what a psychic reading should be. Terrie is a truly gifted, natural psychic who excels in her abilities. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. If you’re a skeptic, even better!! I’ll be returning to her to take advantage of her medium skills as well, stay tuned for a review on that in the near future!

-Angela, Model

My reading with Terrie blew me away. She was so right on with the information she was telling me. I really feel like she helped me figure out what my next career move is and I feel so much relief. I can’t wait to get another reading from her when I need some guidance again.

-Leah, Stay At Home Mom

Contact Terrie

Terrie’s Offerings

Terrie Huberman

Intuitive Reading – 45 minutes

Soul Coaching – 45/75/90 minutes

How It Works

1. Purchase your session through our store.

2. You will be contacted directly by the Seer to confirm a time.

3. Enjoy your session via video or phone with your Seer!

We’re here if you have questions: talk@collectivegain.com

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