Get Ready for an Empowerment Event Like No Other

Get Ready for an Empowerment Event Like No Other

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Collective Gain launches the #LIVEYOURTRUTH Empowerment Event series on March 18 in Los Angeles. Join us for a one-day self-discovery event like no other. Coaches and healers will guide you on how you can deeply get to know who you are, why you’re here and how you can move past what holds you back to create your ideal life.

We support the modern professional and the life-ambitious who want fulfilling life and work. If you’ve thought “Is this all there is?” or feel like something is missing from your life but aren’t sure what it is, we are here for you. We stand beside you on your journey to becoming your best self. Take a pause on the hamster wheel of life and reconnect with who you are and what you want.

Join the movement for a better you, a better us.

Life is too short to be dissatisfied.

It’s time to decide that everything you want to happen is possible and that when you step into your best self, your best life will step toward you.

We are a community of Seers — coaches and healers whose purpose is to empower those around us. We have created a three-part program to lead you to your ultimate potential. This one-day event is an introduction — some of you will walk away with all your questions answered, others will be opened up to the world of possibility.

We are here for you.

Every attendee will get access to 1:1 spot coaching with a certified and vetted coach on Collective Gain. You’re not just here to listen, you’re here to learn, share and dig in. You’ll leave this event with questions answered and with a deeper sense of who you are and how you can best move forward in your life.

Our Event in Three Parts:

Understand your core values, or in other words, what you need in your life to feel satisfied and happy. Do you know yours? Come learn how to discover yours and articulate them clearly.

How do your unique interests, talents and gifts combine into a career that’s fulfilling? Where can you put your energy for the biggest payout of happiness and success?

How can you move forward, now? With baby steps or leaps, how do you get past what is holding you back? And if you don’t know what is holding you back, we’ll help you identify that, too.

A day full of freedom to create, explore and connect.

–  Tickets Now Available  –

We can’t wait to meet you!

Early Bird Ticket includes:

  • access to full-day event
  • coaching support during group work
  • your choice of 1 breakout session
  • healthy lunch
  • 20-minute spot coaching session

Price includes notebook and materials.

Offered at $197

Humans Helping Humans

The core of our mission is connecting people who believe in our collective ability to create a better world, for ourselves and each other, by sharing our unique gifts and talents.

Join us and participate in the movement to a better you, a better us.


March 18th, 2018

10:30am: Registration

Sign in, mingle and find a seat. You’ll work in small groups throughout the day and have a coach as a moderator — pick a table that feels good to you.

11:00am: Welcome Keynote

By Collective Gain Founder, Lizzie Alberga

Be introduced to the world of Collective Gain, the story and mission behind it and hear the story of our founder who went from corporate marketing executive to then finding and living her truth.

11:25am: Small Group Introductions

Group work supported by Collective Gain Coaches

Meet your small group that you’ll be working with throughout the event — and the coach who will be your support and partner as you learn, question and articulate what’s coming through for you.

Discover Your Core Values

By Seer, Coach Sienna Scott 

Experience a core values exercise and learn what it is that makes you tick and understand the main elements required in your life to feel fulfilled.

Weave of Dreams

Create your own Weave of Dreams to take home and remind you of your core values and aha’s during the morning session. Led by Craft Your Life Workshops.

12:35pm: Lunch & Mingling

Healthy lunch provided and an opportunity to casually connect with the coaches and other attendees. Also, finishing your craft with other attendees is a great option.

1:15pm: Know Your Mission

By Seer, Coach Hyeon-Ju Rho 

Hear what it feels like to find your purpose, for your life to all make sense, to feel like you’re in exactly the right place. Hyeon-Ju will guide you through an exercise to help you begin to understand why you’re here and what it is you’re meant to create. 

1:45pm: Small Group Work with Coach

Group work supported by Collective Gain Coaches

Take what you learn from our speaker and apply it to your own life, your own dreams and who you are. Benefit from the support of the coach in your group to answer questions, lead and guide you.

2:00pm: Coaching Panel Q&A

Submit questions anonymously to be answered by our panel of coaches or engage in the group setting to get insight into anything you feel needs clarity in your life or from what you’ve learned.

2:30pm: Money & Finance Panel Q&A

What goes hand-in-hand with making improvements in your life is becoming financially savvy so you can feel the space to explore your life’s greatest mission. Hear from certified financial planners and coaches who support you around financial freedom.

3:00pm: Breakout Sessions

Pick one breakout session to attend in a smaller group environment. Every session offers an interactive format where a coach or healer will be sharing their expertise on a relevant topic.


Coach Gwen Dittmar 

Learn and experience the power of your breath; how to cultivate it and use it to clear that which holds you back.


Coach Jenni Pfaff

Discover your superpower and areas for exceptional future growth through asking the right questions.


Coach Mimi Truong

Learn all about astrology, how it can help you and hear one lucky person get their chart read, live!


Terrie Huberman

Step into the spiritual side of finding your purpose…  that involves a calling and connection to your spirit.


Coach Dr. Christie Masters

Learn science-based tools you can use to enhance your life and conjure joy and resiliency.


Helen Vonderheide

Get support and learn how to identify your soul-level truth using the Akashic Records.

3:45pm: Shift Your Shit

By Seer, Coach & Mentor Kim Rowe

Now you are excited about your life’s mission, and want to make it happen… but feel stuck, scared, unsure about the how. This powerful session helps you get out of your own way, leaving you feeling empowered with knowing what keeps you stuck and HOW to make your way through it. 

4:40pm: Closing Notes

By Collective Gain Founder, Lizzie Alberga

Lizzie will share two easy ways you can keep the momentum going from this powerful event. We hate it when we get pumped up, and then come Monday, we seem to slip right back into our every day.

Our mission is to help you find yours, and live it. That’s how we can make a big, lasting positive impact in the world.

Are you ready?

5:00pm: Mix and Mingle

Connect with each other, with coaches, and healers to wrap up this day all about you.

Get personalized coaching support throughout the event. Between talks, you’ll work in small groups with other life-positive people and a coach who will help guide and answer questions. Everyone receives a free 20-minute spot-coaching session with their ticket. There is limited space available for in-person spot-coaching, so those not able to do in-person will get a video or phone call post event with the coach of their choice.

Smoky Hollow Studios
El Segundo

Located in the South Bay city of El Segundo, this secret warehouse district is known as Smoky Hollow. You may have lived in LA for a decade and never experienced this gem of a city, with its own brewery, hidden restaurants and shops and just blocks from the ocean.

Spend a day with like-minded people interested in becoming their best selves and coaches who will share what they teach.

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Lizzie Alberga, Founder of Collective Gain and former Internet Marketing Executive

Lizzie Alberga, Founder of Collective Gain and former Internet Marketing Executive

Hyeon-Ju Rho Headshot

Hyeon-Ju Rho, Coach and former Civil Rights Attorney

Sienna Scott

Sienna Scott, Coach and former General Manager

Gwen Dittmar

Gwen Dittmar, Coach and former Project Manager

sarah anassori

Sarah Anassori, Coach and former Brand Manager

Mimi Truong

Mimi Truong, Coach, Astrologist and former Lawyer

Tracy Podell

Tracy Podell, Coach and former Marketing Executive

Christie Masters

Christie Masters, Coach and Doctor of Internal Medicine

Karlie Everhart

Karlie Everhart, Coach and Partnership Director

Kim Rowe

Kim Rowe, Coach, Healing Mentor and former Speech Pathologist

Shannon Lyn Arnold

Shannon Lyn Arnold, Coach and Content Creator, Editor

AS photo (1)

Audrey Slade, Coach and former PR Executive

helen vonderheide

Helen Vonderheide, Advanced Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner

Jenni Pfaff

Jenni Pfaff, Coach and former HR Executive

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 7.43.06 AM

Terrie Huberman, Spiritual Coach and Medium

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