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What is an Office Clearing?

Everything that happens in your workspace leaves an energetic footprint, or energy debris in your environment which continually amplifies any negative, low vibrational energies, and stress in your office. Energetic debris can be a result of negative thoughts, emotions, and events experienced and accumulated in your space, even from the previous tenants, disgruntled employees, or trauma experienced in or out of the space.

Collective Gain coach and energy healer, Deborah Harper, is a Reiki Master and also incorporates Reconnective and Holographic Healing techniques, and Feng Shui into the office clearings. She is an energetic Grid keeper, clairvoyant and clairsentient high vibrational guide and way shower. She is also an Executive, Leadership and Spiritual Coach. She works with the subtle energy field, using proven techniques and tools, in addition to seeking input from the Archangels, guides and spirit teams, to clear and transmute low vibrational energies in the spaces she is clearing.

She uses a sacred shamanic practice that was transmitted through Deborah working with the Archangels, the elements, directions, symbols and a combination of energy work, crystal gridding and fengshui to clear, balance, shift, and transmute low vibrational energies, allowing for more harmony, peace, prosperity and joy. She partners with clients to plant the seeds of specific intentions to help address issues that the client is currently experiencing.

When should you have your office cleared?

  • Your office has a dense, negative, chaotic energy
  • Your team or business is experiencing difficulties, numerous transitions, conflict, or lack of innovation
  • Your team is experiencing an increase in interpersonal issues that have not been resolved
  • Transition in company leadership or a major change in staff
  • You are moving into a new office space and want to have the energy of the previous tenents cleared
  • The company, or a specific team, is in a in a period of challenging growth

What our clients are saying

I have had so many people coming into our company office space, complimenting us on the space, the design, and functionality. However, there was something out of place, and it didn’t feel clear and fluid. I knew immediately from my own understanding of “energy”, that the energy had to be cleared.

Lizzie suggested an “energy cleansing” professional that would come in and get it done! Of course, I didn’t want to engage in the thought that there was bad/different energy, but the better thought was.. what would it hurt.

The experience with Deborah was fantastic, who walked me through what the process would look like and offered up additional tips, advice, on how to keep the good energy flowing in the office. I feel much better in the space, and more importantly the team feels more at peace, and with that comes productivity.

It was a meaningful and important process. I am so glad I did it.


How does energy clearing work?

Space clearing means clearing the space on an energy level. It is an ancient art practiced daily in many old cultures, and there are numerous ways and materials used for space clearing.

The reason behind the need for space clearing is simple: just as on a physical level you see the dust and dirt accumulating in your home as a result of daily activities, the same happens on an energy level. You may not see the “dust and dirt” of human emotions, but they do accumulate in any space, so it is best to clear them out regularly. (source)

We typically start with clearing the space with Palo Santo, followed by sound clearing and energy clearing (Reiki, energy clearing modalities).  We also call in the Archangels of both the horizontal and vertical planes to work with us to create an energetic grid of protection. Crystal gridding, and Feng Shui cures can also be added as a means to improve the flow and protect the space from energetic and geopathic stress.

What is the price of a clearing?

Clearings start at $1.00/square foot, and vary depending on the size of the space and any special cures required to clear the space. Before you book a clearing, you will have a consultation call with Deborah to talk about your needs.  During this call she will answer any questions you have and provide a custom quote to clear you space.

How do I know that energy clearing works?

Our past clients have noticed a lighter, clearer energy, more harmony, improved teamwork and relational dynamics, increased innovation, improvement in business performance, and successful projects after having their workspace cleared.

What type of add-ons can support the energy clearing in my space?

Deborah may recommend additional cures to cleanse your space, such as crystal gridding and electrical stress and geopathic stress cures. During your consultation call with Deborah, she will discuss any cures that she believes could benefit your space.