Coach Alene Gabriel: Get Ignited on Your Path

Coach Alene Gabriel: Get Ignited on Your Path

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When our want is big enough, we find a way.

Alene Gabriel is a coach for ambitious people who have a hunger for doing something BIG. Often these people are living lives like you and me, and have this idea about what they want to create or how they want to live, and yet aren’t sure how to get there. In this episode of the Collective Gain Podcast, we talk about what happens when we have a big dream, how money comes into play as a fear or limiting factor, and about coaching. What it does and how people can use it to their benefit.

One of my favorite concepts she shares is about “terminal vagueness” — and that to get what we want we need to be clear, focused and aligned with that which we want in order to feel empowered to make it happen.

I enjoyed this conversation so much and hope you’ll find it interesting as well.

If you’d like to connect with Alene, you can contact her here.

Listen to this episode:

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