Akashic Records Reading


Helen uses a sacred prayer to connect to the Akashic Records, a cosmic dimension of consciousness. Within this realm, the soul’s very essences, truths, and potentials are revealed to facilitate profound healing experience and insights into all of life’s questions!

A reading will feel like a normal conversation among friends that is fused with higher energy.  You will gain insight into your life and it will help you with insight for moving forward in a positive light.


Some Potential Benefits of an Akashic Records Reading:

  • Insight on what weighs heaviest on your heart and why followed by concrete steps to move forward

  • Finally being able to have the clarity of what your destiny is, finding your passion and helping you to walk your path with confidence

  • Guidance on how to attract your ideal life partner so you can live fulfilling lives together

  • Answers and solutions to improve and strengthen relationships with a partner, family member, friend, child or pet

  • The ability to obtain closure by re-connecting with loved ones and beloved animals who have passed

  • Understanding your roots to uncover the truth of your life and how it affects you in the present moment

  • Reveal past lives, how they support you and their purpose in your soul’s growth

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