Go one big giant step past your monthly horoscope and get to know who you are from your astrological chart — your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities for soul growth, the best timing for your most important life changes. They say life doesn’t come with a cheat sheet… but maybe it does. Get a peek at yours.

Our Astrologist offers there types of readings, read below for a description of each.


NATAL CHART READING 1HR, 1 Chart – $150 

Learn more about who you are, according to the stars. Your natal chart is a snapshot of the planetary positions at the moment you were born and by analyzing it, we will explore your natural behavioral patterns and inner motivations. The goal of a Natal Chart Reading is to empower you by knowing your strengths and challenges, and how to best maneuver to live a meaningful and successful life.


This is also known as the Solar Return reading. Every year on your birthday, the sun “returns” back to its original position.  Through a solar return reading, you can get a pulse on what to expect starting on your birthday until the next one. Whether you want peace of mind, lay out a game plan, or you are simply curious, see what the stars have to say about your year ahead.


A relationship reading will give you insights about the bond that exists between you and someone you love or care about.  You may discover a karmic past that brings you together again. This reading will elevate your relationships through understanding, acceptance, and kindness. In this session, 4 charts will be reviewed: 1 for each partner, 1 compatibility chart, and 1 composite chart (describing the nature of the relationship).  

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Natal Chart Reading, Birthday Chart Reading, Relationship Reading

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