Soul Path Reading

Terrie comes from a family of intuitive women and learned she was a medium when she started to investigate paranormal claims in various locations. Having taken many courses and certifications requiring vigorous study and validation in Psychic, Mediumship, IET®, guided meditations, Reiki, and Akashic Records, Terrie has been publicly tested and validated as authentic and ethical and does it all with a side of compassion and kindness.

She will help you better understand your Soul’s calling here on Earth so you can move forward clarity and empowerment.

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SOUL PATH READING – 15 minute $50, 45 minutes $175  (Remote or in-person)

Terrie will link to your soul’s collection of thoughts, events, and emotions that are housed in a non-physical dimension known as the astral plane. When they are accessed, answers to your most compelling current issues or questions can be answered from the soul’s perspective. These are best known as life-purpose readings.

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