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Andrea Gabriel life’s purpose is to reconnect her clients with their own intuition, authentic truth, and source energy. She does this through Tarot and energy readings, guided meditation, visualization and spiritual life coaching.

Andrea removes blocks and shifts any limiting perspectives so you can move forward with clarity, focus, and empowerment in creating the reality you want to see

All sessions are over phone or Skype.


  • 30-minute session: one subject tarot or energy reading, plus intuitive coaching.
  • 60-minute session: up to three subject tarot or energy reading, as well as intuitive coaching.
  • 90-minute session:  up to four subject tarot and energy reading, intuitive coaching, as well as guided meditation and visualization exercise.
When you complete your purchase you will be contacted to schedule your session.
All sessions over phone or Skype.
Money back guarantee if you, or Andrea, don’t feel a connection within first 10 minutes of a scheduled session.

6 reviews for Tarot & Energy Reading

  1. Summer

    Andrea is superbly gifted and intuitive, which adds to her spiritual/psychic abilities. After one session I felt a deeper sense of clarity, lightness, and hope- as if my chakras had been cleansed. It’s as if my heart had expanded and opened further in her presence, especially during our meditation together. The reading was so helpful on so many levels, and her listening skills are off the charts!I felt right at home.

  2. Richard

    I can not say enough great things about Andrea. She truly is remarkable. She is gentle, hilarious, and overall an amazing guide of life. She listens and understands and really creates a safe space for vulnerability like no other. If you get the opportunity to see her I highly recommend you do.

  3. Becca

    I was in the midst of a major transition in my life when I came to see Andrea and was experiencing some anxiety as a result. I felt fully supported by her as the session progressed. The guided meditation was incredible… I felt lightness and currents of energy coursing through my body. Also a deep sense of peace and knowing that I am on the right path. I reconnected with source and felt powerful and heart-centered. After the session, I basically floated out of there.

  4. Justin

    My wife decided we’d see Andrea for a reading. I figured it would at least be interesting so I decided to go along. I didn’t know what to expect since I’d never met with a psychic or spiritual healer nor had I previously found it to be of any interest. To be honest, I never took any of that seriously. I went into it with an open mind though.

    After spending some time with Andrea, I have a completely different view and can see the benefits of her services. I have a lot going on and have had more challenges than the average person. With very little info, Andrea was able to connect and tune in to so many aspects of my life. She is clearly a gifted empath and healer. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and spiritual healing. I’m not typically a social person but I could have talked with her for hours. She’s an amazingly active listener.

    I may have been hesitant to see her to begin with but now I look forward to my next visit.
    Thanks Andrea!

  5. Maria

    After meeting with Andrea for just one session, I felt a sense of renewed energy and positivity. Also a sense of confirmation and direction, which was so nice and unexpected…She offered a variety of methods, and they were all spot on in terms of discovery and guidance. I really loved the guided meditation.

  6. Emalee

    I’ve had a reading before and found the information general and sometimes predictable. In the first five minutes with Andrea, not only was she specific, she told me answers to questions I had been pondering over, but hadn’t brought up because I thought they were too specific. Andrea was confident in her abilities, but not pushy or arrogant. I lost count how many times I said, “I say that all the time!” or “I’ve been told that before!” I was amazed at her reading and her ability to give me direction in where I needed to go.

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