Seeker Life Month 1: “She is there to guide me”

Seeker Life Month 1: “She is there to guide me”

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It’s been very rewarding to witness people transform as they begin to experience coaching and what it can do for their lives. A few of the seekers on Collective Gain who are currently working with a coach agreed to share what it’s like, what they’re learning and how their mindset and lives are shifting. We’re so grateful for their openness and honesty.


Over a year ago, way before the launch of Collective Gain, I began flirting with the idea of working with a life coach. Lizzie, the founder and a friend of mine, directed me to a coach who was well known as a master coach for the working mom. After my initial call, I was sold and thought I was finally going to figure out my life’s calling. But I didn’t hire her. It took me one year to come back to her. Why a year? Mostly because when I first reached out I was in a comfortable place with my career. When I eventually hired her, I had resigned to be home full time with my newborn and toddler. My husband had also quit his office job to open his dream business. It was then, when I was living off my savings and was not coming from a place of opportunity, that I felt most compelled to figure it all out. I was finally prepared to invest the time and money to do what a year prior I knew needed to happen: figure it all out and achieve my goals.

I knew from the beginning, I had to show up as my true self. Being transparent, authentic and invested was the approach I took from day one. That has not always been easy. Before our formal coaching even started, she helped me tap into what brings me joy. It is singing, something I hadn’t done outside of music class with my children in a decade. She gave me deadlines to do the research and find a singing outlet. This had been on my “to-do” list for over six months. Within weeks I had found a chorus, went through the arduous audition process and was finally accepted. I certainly had plenty of reasons not to join but she helped me identify what was a fear and what was a true concern.

Once I discovered my voice again, I was eager for her to unearth more talents within me. What I am finding is that she is there to guide me. The answers are within me, she is just there to help me tap into them. I also realized I was waiting for my “aha” moment, for her to discover a hidden talent in me that would make me spiritually and financially rich. The beauty is that I think I have discovered what I want to pursue but it was through self-discovery work that led me to this and not some magical moment of truth.

What I am exploring now is the opportunity to have a career AND family. I believe a consulting business will give me the freedom to spend quality time with my family while keeping me challenged and contributing financially. There are days I question my sanity but I am committed to giving it a try, I owe this to myself.


We are so grateful that his seeker is giving her life vision focus attention. It’s through being that we become aligned in our doing. It took our founder, Lizzie, a year as well to hire a coach after first meeting one. It wasn’t until she  hit a low that she didn’t know how to get out of that she reached out for support. We see over and over people having the urge for getting support with a coach, but then don’t because everything is ok, it’s comfortable. And they wait. Then life takes over and does what they didn’t do on their own, figure out what it is that’s calling them, their purpose, the way they can show up in the most authentic way.

We’re beginning to believe that our intuition knows way before we do what’s coming. And that our urge to get support, when everything is actually going ok, is the universe’s way of nudging us that something else is in store, and to explore that… before life does it’s thing and forces us to pick our heads up and see what else is out there, waiting for us to engage in a higher purpose.


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