Slowing Down to Experience More: A Strategy to Live a Fuller Life

Slowing Down to Experience More: A Strategy to Live a Fuller Life

Slowing Down to Experience More: A Strategy to Live a Fuller Life

Home Blog Slowing Down to Experience More: A Strategy to Live a Fuller Life

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing about softness and how it can play a role in our lives as type-A go-getters. As a group, we (and I say we because I self identify with this group) often cling to the things that are productive or forward driving, both in work, and at home. This drive is great, however, the thing that I’ve seen is that even when my day is crammed full, with back to back meetings, I feel that I still need to make my “down time” productive. So, I listen to ebooks that are about business, and sometimes even tie my running to a productivity goal. There’s an overarching sense that everything, whether it’s for work or not, needs to be in service of something else. 

This focus on productivity leads to rigidity in our schedules, and a rigidity to our days, which can feel very overwhelming.  What I’ve found is that softness, which can involve play, rest, and nurturing the connections in your life are a much needed element in a busy life. 

Softness allows for a fuller experience of life

Piggy-backing on a recent episode (How to receive the things you desire) and last week’s episode about resistance, I want to unpack the role that softness plays in our lives. While softness may feel like the polar opposite of productivity to some, I invite you to explore the many ways in which softness actually opens us up for a fuller experience of life – one that has more connection, space, and meaning for us as humans.

In this episode, I’m exploring four ways that this softness and self-compassion can play out:

  1. Trying things for the sake of play, without having a specific outcome in mind
  2. Allowing myself to rest or take a break instead of pushing to do the next “productive” thing
  3. Self Compassion: Welcoming imperfection and celebrating when I try new things imperfectly
  4. Compassion for others: Being conscious that the connections and roles and relationships of life often require energy; it is not always easy and smooth to be a co-worker, boss, spouse, or parent

Your Practice for the Week:

For this week, I invite you to listen to the little voice or urges that pop up for you to slow down. You might find (like I did), that you would prefer to try something different, more playful, with a routine. You might notice that you’d like some quiet, or to read a book just for the pleasure of reading. Follow that voice that says  “Let’s play.”

My hope is the next time you hear that voice, which you may have heard many times, (or if it’s the first time you notice it, that’s awesome) you’ll try out what it’s asking you to do.

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