The Power of Letting Go


The Power of Letting Go

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This week, we’re talking about the power of letting go. So many of us have things we want to let go of; things that have happened in our life, whether that be a relationship, or something that was said to us, or an experience we wish had gone differently,  or dreams we’ve had for ourself that didn’t come true or haven’t come true yet. It’s difficult to fully let go of these things, as there’s often some part of us that’s still holding on to a belief, or a story, that something was right or wrong. 

We all Desire Freedom

The key to letting go and discovering freedom is to let go of the things that have happened to you in the past, and to mindfully release anything you’re holding onto in this moment. The unwanted thoughts and concerns about past events are resistance that you’re creating around what you actually desire to experience. By letting go, really letting go of those lingering thoughts, you can give yourself the freedom that you so desire.

And, by letting go of things you’re holding on to, you’ll be more open to experience freedom and abundance. I spoke about abundance in a recent episode.

In my experience, freedom is what each of us is really desiring, at a deep level. We desire the freedom to find the best partner and falling in love is freedom to bare ourselves, and be loved and to be accepted. Freedom of creative expression is the freedom to be ourselves, to be accepted and heard as we are.

What would happen if you give yourself that freedom by creating a belief that you are, right now in this moment, perfectly on time, perfectly whole, and perfectly complete just as you are? That nothing has to be different from the past? That everything you’ve experienced in the past or everything you’re wanting for the future is what has helped you get to where you are in this moment, and that it is leading you toward the journey that you really want to experience?

Taking the First Steps

In speaking with other coaches, and specifically Laura Greenberg (who was on the show to talk about letting go of attachments, I’ve come to believe that letting go of your attachment to any outcome is the first step to feeling truly “on purpose” in life. When you can get to a state of believing that you are perfectly whole as you are right in this moment, and that nothing needs to be different than where you are right now, this is the way to feeling centered, and whole, and present. This kind of acceptance of “what is” allows you to create new things, to live without concern about the future, and to dive deeper into your creativity.

Your Practice for This Week

If after listening to this episode, you find yourself realizing that you’re holding onto a lot of stuff (that perhaps you didn’t even realize you were holding on to), I’d like for you to try this exercise. Pull out a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the things you’re holding onto, that you wish were different, that you are beating yourself up about, that you are really desiring or any outcome you’re feeling needs to be a certain way. 

Spend ten minutes writing it all down. And then I invite you to tear it up, or burn it in a metal bowl, or put it in the fire, and very mindfully, let it completely go.

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