The Power of Positive Language with H2Life’s Melissa Eliyahoo and Sarah Nehamen

The Power of Positive Language with H2Life’s Melissa Eliyahoo and Sarah Nehamen

The Power of Positive Language with H2Life’s Melissa Eliyahoo and Sarah Nehamen

Home Blog The Power of Positive Language with H2Life’s Melissa Eliyahoo and Sarah Nehamen

Melissa Eliyahoo and Sarah Nehamen are a couple of amazing entrepreneurs who came together to create a business called H2Life that is focused on raising the collective vibe through impacting the water that we drink. I’m delighted to have them on the podcast this week to talk about their business, and their vision for what is possible when we focus our thinking on what is positive, supportive, joyful, and loving.

Melissa and Sarah were inspired by the solar eclipse of 2017, and they set out to create a sticker that people could place on re-usable water bottles that highlight a positive message. What started as an idea to create one sticker quickly became 16 different stickers, and eventually a line of sticker keepsake cards. And, very soon after that first meeting, Sarah and Melissa were brainstorming a name for a new company that eventually became H2Life.

I loved learning that the foundational principle behind H2Life is based on the work of Dr. Masauro Emoto, who studied the effects of positive and negative words on water and rice. His findings were well documented: when affirming words such as love, joy, happiness, and unity were said to, or written near water, it had an impact on the molecular structure of the water. These water molecules formed beautiful, well built crystals. When negative words were shared with water, a very different kind of molecular structure formed – one that was less structured, less supported, and less life giving.

Using these findings as an inspiration, Sarah and Melissa offer a line of positive and affirming stickers that people can place on their water bottles. The messages remind all those who see the message to be a positive force, and, it has an impact on the water inside of the bottle as well.

The part of this interview that stands out the most for me is near the end of our conversation, when we got to talking about the importance of setting intentional goals for your life and your business. Melissa recounts a quote that guides her, from Earl Nightingale about two boats leaving Alaska. One boat sets a destination and arrives on time. The other boat floats aimlessly.  

In Melissa’s words, setting your sites on a destination “helps us to make sense of, and understand the importance of knowing where what we want for our Lives. Having an intention, and doing some digging, researching, writing, and figuring it out if we don’t know what we want, makes me happy. That’s the most important thing ultimately. We’re here in this moment, and in this moment is pure love and light and joy and everything beautiful and perfect and we should be enjoying every moment of it.”

In this episode, Lizzie, Sarah and Melissa talk about:

  • How Sarah and Melissa met, and came up with the idea for their company
  • The impact of positive and affirming words on water
  • How positive messages can impact the health of the planet 
  • The work of Dr. Mausaru Emoto, a Japanese Scientist
  • Quantum Physics
  • The synchronicities of how Sarah and Melissa picked a name for their company


H2 Life Website

H2Life on Instagram

Dr. Masauro Emoto, Japanese Author on Wikipedia

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