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The Great Outdoors

Nature inspires, heals, and gives us perspective. It teaches us about the power of our being and reconnects us to other living things. Getting out of the office activates our brain for deep learning and lifts our mood through sensory stimulation.

Each experience is designed to maximize learning and enjoyment. The content is felt, not heard, and what we feel we remember.

Jet Ski to Catalina

A team experience to move past fear of the unknown; shifts perferction into action. Rangle the power of a jet ski, swim in 2500 foot-deep ocean channel, and experience being in flow with dophlins.

Full-Day Experience
Minimum of 5 Participants

Overnight Backpacking Trip

A mix of solo and team hiking during the day and group coaching by night to observe our inner dialog and learn the language needed to rebound from challenge. Hike tailored to participants fitness level.

Two-Day Experience
Minimum of 8 Participants

Whitewater Rafting

Stir up new life within your team through adrenalen and a forced presence at the task at hand – paddling! Coaching focuses on decison making, active listening and concise communication.

Full-Day Experience
Minimum of 6 Participants

Equine-Partnered Coaching

Equine-partnered coaching brings something new to the table by partnering with horses in an interactive coaching experience, it helps people develop and retain key business skills such as communication, presence, and teamwork.

Half-Day Experience
Available Nationwide
Minimum of 6 Participants

Rock Climbing

A full-body experience that underscores the skills of trust, teamwork and weightlessness – getting in flow on a path that’s carved out for you.

Full-Day Experience or Overnight
Minimum of 8 Participants
(Option for Local Indoor Climbing Gym)

Wolf Experience

Learn about team dynamics, power-struggle, and what’s possible when we work together. Wolves teach us about boundaries, teamwork, building connection to ourselves and others.

Full-Day Experience
San Diego, CA
Minimum of 6 Participants

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