What are the Akashic Records

Find insights from your past life, subconscious or traumatic impacts from your present life, explore future possibilities, and more through the Akashic Records.

What are the Akashic Records

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What are the Akashic Records?

Akasha in Sanskrit means ether or atmosphere. In Hinduism, Akasha relates to the essence of all things. When you combine these two concepts, you get a belief that many cultures across time have held- that every thought, action, and intention that has happened and will happen is imprinted on a higher energetic plane, an Akashic field. These vibrational imprints are the Akashic Records.

As unbelievable as that sounds, science, specifically areas of Quantum Physics, is finally catching up. Remember the saying, time is relative? The Block Universe Theory proposes that that past, present, and future may coexist, and the Many Worlds Theory proposes that parallel universes coexist side-by-side and that actions in one reality may produce different results in another. So how would this relate to your Akashic Record coaching session? When we are working in the Akasha we can find insights from your past life, subconscious or traumatic impacts from your present life, explore future possibilities, and more. Using a metaphor: the Akashic Records are like Google- we can’t see it, but it holds the answers to EVERYTHING.

What’s an Akashic Record Coaching Session Like?

Like Google, the information you learn from an Akashic Record Session is based on your questions, and you can ask questions about everything because everything has an Akashic Record! Your pets, your home, your business- each are just energy, which has a vibration that is recorded in the Akashic field.

Bring your questions, lots of questions. What we may see as several unrelated questions, tend to be interconnected (again, we are working from a higher perspective). To develop your own questions, take a few moments and think about… What would you like to explore? What would you like clarified? What would you like to heal? Where do you need closure?

Craft questions that focus on the self, that are not “yes”/ “no” or fortune-telling questions. Try to craft questions that will yield complex, interesting answers. The best questions start with What, Why, or How. You don’t want to go too broad with questions. Like, “What is my soul purpose?” Sure, it sounds like a great question, but something a bit more specific — like, “What is my soul purpose right now and what specific steps can I do to incorporate this purpose more fully into my career?” — can help you get even clearer and more useful information. This isn’t fortune telling; you always have free will. If you ask about the future, you will only receive the information that is in alignment with where you are now.

A session in the Akashic Records will feel like a normal conversation that is fused with higher energy. I’ll begin with the Pathway Prayer© using your full legal name to access your Akashic Record. Once the Akashic Records are open, you can ask questions and explain the situation you would like clarity on. At the end of our time, I will close the Akashic Records with a prayer.

Below are example Akashic Record questions that range from navigating relationships, leveling up in your career, reaping abundance, to creating physical and emotional wellbeing.

Business, Career, Finance

Possible Questions to Explore in the Akashic Records

I love what I do, but there is no joy.

Why do I not experience joy in my work?
How do I bring more joy into my life?
What keeps me from being in the present moment? Where do I need to focus?
What does the optimal work schedule look like for me right now?

I want a better understanding of my relationship with (insert name/ team/ client/ department).

What do I need to understand about my relationship with (insert name)?
Why am I so triggered by my relationship with (insert name)?
What is my relationship with (insert name) suppose to teach me?
Why do I need (insert name) approval?
Why do I compare myself to others? How do I overcome my feelings of inadequacy, feeling like an imposter?
What are the dynamics of (insert name)?
How can I ease tension with (insert name)?
How can I shift (insert name) so that the complaining stops and we move forward happily together? What is the truth about the situation with (insert name) in relation to me?
What can be different so that I am feeling listened to by (insert name) and getting results?
What holds me back from being an effective leader or my best self at work?

I am not satisfied in my job/career anymore.

Is there something else this is connected to in my life?
What opportunities am I NOT seeing in my current situation?
How can I regain my sense of satisfaction?
What opportunities would open for me in a new job/ career?
What career would best suit my unique talents and gifts?
How do I navigate my fear about speaking out? About failing? About leaving?

Show me the money.

How can I shift myself and my business to move into profitability? create more financial abundance?
No matter what I do or how much money I make, I still seem to just “get by.” Why is this and how do I release this pattern?
Why do I seem to reach a certain level of success and then sabotage myself?
Why do I feel things are slow? Is that the real truth of the situation?
What can I shift or release to get my work/business moving?
What am I ignoring that would be helpful to acknowledge?

Purpose and Deeper Understandings

Possible Questions to Explore in the Akashic Records

I am looking for deeper understanding about my life.

What is my life’s current purpose right now and what can I do to be more aligned with it?
What do I need to know about my life’s path and purpose?
How can I feel excited about my purpose again?
What can I understand, release or shift to find deeper understanding? My highest purpose?
What talent am I not tapping into?
How can I align my soul purpose with my job/ career?
How do I find a sense of the spiritual in my everyday life?

I am thinking about moving. (literal or metaphorical transition)

Why do I feel like moving?
What holds me where I am?
What do I need to release to move into a new place?
What kind of change (job, location, relationship, health, etc.) would best suit me right now?

I feel a deeper calling and am not sure what it is about.

What would I benefit from knowing at this time?
What question have I NOT asked that I should be asking at this time?
How can I connect with my Inner Self and express it without limitations?
How can I respond to the call? What is the call about for me in this moment?

I keep doing things which don’t help me.

What patterns (both conscious and unconscious) no longer serve me?
What do I receive for holding this pattern?
How can I let go of these patterns?
Where does my (addiction, compulsion, toxic relationship, behavior, thought) originate from?
What is my (addiction, compulsion, toxic relationship, behavior, thought) protecting me from?
How can I release my (addiction, compulsion, toxic relationship, behavior, thought)?
How can I release my feelings of [shame, guilt, anger, jealousy, fear]? What is blocking my gifts right now?

I want to know and deepen my relationship with my intuition and Guides.

What are my hidden talents, super powers, intuitive gifts?
How can I connect, grow, and incorporate my intuition into my everyday life?
Why do I fear my intuitive gifts?
What can I do to help unlock my creativity?
Who are my guides and teachers and what role do they play in my life?
How can I connect and communicate with my guides?
Which crystal / flower essence / spirit animal is best for me to work with now?

I am interested in learning more about my past lives.

What role(s) did I play in my past lives that are currently affecting my life now?
Does my soul carry any karma, contracts, vows, or bindings which I need to know about and release now? How can I release? Any that are serving me?
Did I know (insert name) in a past lifetime? What was our connection?

Physical and Emotional Well Being

Possible Questions to Explore in the Akashic Records

I am interested in learning more about my overall health.

What needs to shift in order for me to achieve my health goals?
How do I stay centered?
What can I do to feel more energized?
Where am I losing my energy to others?
What would make me heal more quickly?
What lesson am I supposed to learn from this illness? What has been the benefit?

I want to look at areas in my life that still need healing.

What trauma, pain, fear or anger keeps me from awareness of wholeness, balance?
Why haven’t I been able to heal issue X or Y?
What can I understand or release about this event so that I can move on?

I feel stuck, like something is holding me back.

What is my greatest limitation? And how do I cover come it?
What do I need to release to learn to trust myself and feel whole and complete?
What is holding me back and how can I release?
What stands between me and my feelings?
What is the source of my critical voice’s strength and power? How do I change this?

I feel so (lost/ scared/ empty/ unfocused/ insert feeling).

How do I find connection with others, with God, with myself?
What am I scared of? Why do I have this fear? What can I do to release?
How do I shift this fear?
What is missing? What is it that I am searching for?
What is the source of my sadness? Emptiness? Anxiety?
How is my (insert feeling) connected to other areas of my life?
What is keeping my attention from what I want? Where do I need to turn my attention?
Why has it been so hard for me to speak up / stand up for myself? What can I do to shift this?
Why don’t I have feelings?

I feel a weight or heaviness that I can’t explain.

Where does this feeling in my heart, spiritual weight in my body, heaviness in my soul come from? What can I do to release it?
What am I carrying? What is its origin and how is this held in my mind, body or heart?
What do I get for holding on to this? What do I need to shift?

I’m not happy with my physical body.

What is the best diet for me to follow right now?
What is the best type of exercise for my body to do right now?
What am I not seeing clearly about my physical being that I dislike or misunderstand?
What can I do to shift my opinion of myself?


Possible Questions to Explore in the Akashic Records

I am ready for a meaningful relationship

Why am I still single?
How will I know who the next right person is?
Why do I keep dating the same type of person over and over again?
What do I need to do to find/ attract a new romantic relationship?
What do I need to release in order to move forward and find love again?
I find I loose my voice or my sense of self in relationships. How can I prevent that?
How will I know it’s right?

I feel really good about and want to deepen my relationship with (insert name, my partner, children, family, coworker).

How do we support each others growth- both in the relationship and individually?
What is the dynamic of our relationship?
What can I understand, release, or support to expand our relationship?
Is there anything standing in our way of a deeper relationship?

I want to understand my relationship better.

What is the purpose of my current relationship?
What do I offer and receive within this partnership?
What can I understand, shift or release to improve this relationship?
What do I need to understand about my role in this relationship?
What do I need to shift around my beliefs about this relationship?
Where am I stuck in the relationship?
What do I need to let go of?

I feel like I’ve lost connection.

Where am I stuck in the relationship?
What is the disconnection about?
What is the root issue of my frustration with (partner, kids, in-laws, coworkers)?
How can I let go of the things that bother me?
What can I do to shift the relationship with (insert name) so that we are (insert goal)?
What can I release or understand about this relationship?
How can I reignite the spark in my relationship?

My relationship isn’t healthy.

How can I set and enforce stronger boundaries?
Where do I go from here?
How do I deal with the pain of betrayal?
What is the truth of this affair for me? What have been the benefits for myself and others?
How do I handle critical comments, passive aggressiveness?
How can I increase my self-confidence?

I feel I am at the end of the relationship.

How do I leave this relationship in a way that minimizes harm to others?
How do I proceed from where I am in my life?
What is my path to greater happiness?
Where do I need to turn my attention?

Once your session with an akashic records reader has started, it is non-refundable.


By law, we must state that this is for entertainment purposes only.  You must be 18 years or older to use this service. All guidance is subject to your own interpretation. By purchasing a reading you are agreeing that any information/guidance provided does not constitute or substitute for legal, psychological, financial, medical, or business advice. You claim full responsibility for the choices and/or actions taken based on the content of your reading.

In addition, you:

  1. Take responsibility for your own actions and inactions as a result of the coaching you receive.
  2. Understand that you do not have to discuss anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  3. Agree to be fully present and in a safe, private, quiet space during your sessions.
  4. Give permission to the astrologist matched with you to give you information they are seeing from your chart and story during your scheduled time.