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We believe that your employees have the capacity to do amazing things.
That your employees have the potential to achieve beyond your wildest expectations.
That your employees have the energy and enthusiasm to inspire real positive change.

Our job is to simply awaken the potential and productivity that lies within them.
All for the greater good of their lives, as well as the livelihood of your company.


Imagine the potential of unlimited potential.


Beyond the C-Suite; activate teams through integrated 1:1 and team coaching programs.


Mind+ Body+ Soul Coaching includes executive coaching, intuitive coaching, and energy healers to fully activate a person from the inside out.


Each participant is fully supported throughout the program, starting with a personalized coach match session; and continues with recommended support to further their growth.

Our Clients

Our clients have stepped forward and said YES to a new way to engage their teams. They understand that the nature of work is shifting, and for their teams to thrive they need to be fully activated as whole human beings. The combination of holistic 1:1 and team support results in radical impact, new opportunities and greater achievement.


Services Overview

For a high-level view of what we offer.  Contact us for a program tailored to your needs.

Progressive 1:1 Coaching Programs

Coaching + Offsites

  • Private and personalized onboarding for each participant
  • Responsive coaching programs designed for each particpant
  • Delicately designed combination of 1:1 coaching, offsites and experiential learning
  • Virtual 1:1 calls, email support and SOS calls as needed
  • All levels supported – from executives to individual contributors

We give professionals what you can’t: an unbiased place to get honest.

Experiential Learning & Development

Off-sites & Retreats

Our goal is to create new behavior and ways of thinking that transform thinking from “me” to “we” and employ each participant with tools and perspectives to show up as their best. Within each of these categories there are experiences that serve the individual in their personal and professional growth; there is no learning if it isn’t applied to the human being, their beliefs, and their habits.

Below are a few examples of the offsites we offer, everything from one hour experiences to full day, to multi-day experiences. Each experience is customized to your team’s goals, please contact us to see what we would create for your team!

Outsourced Talent Optimization

Our talent optimization team of HR and learning & development consultants will partner with you to create your talent strategy and facilitate rolling out programming initiatives that drive engagement and excitement.

    • Assessment of current company and team vitality for baseline & growth measurement.
    • Strategy sessions with executive team to identify and set goals of engagement.
    • Execution of integrated programs, and ongoing analysis of gains received, coaching program and offsites to foster change.

You create the mission, we’ll help them see their part in making it happen.

Measuring culture, job and team fit.

Collective Gain is a Certified Partner of Predictive Index, a scientifically-backed platform that measures a person’s needs in order to predict their behavior and drive. We use this analytical tool during talent optimization programs; for example in strategic team design, optimizing job-fit and in supporting successful hiring.

What Makes Us Different

A new generation is using ancient modalities to further self awareness. At times we need something beyond coaching to bypass linear thinking. We have found integrating ancient modalities expedites professional growth. From astrology to akashic records, we can offer participants extra support beyond traditional coaching. Our goal is for each participant to become fully activated at work and in life.

Ancient Optimization Tools

Astrology when used in understanding an individual or in team dynamics is a highly strategic tool for diagnosing working styles, communication preferences and areas of challenge.

Akashic Records and Intuitive Readings help boost clarity and confirm what one already knows to be true but is struggling to accept. In 15-30 minutes a participant can become unblocked.

Fung shui, energy clearings and cystal gridding. Ideal for new offices, after major organizational shifts or when toxicity breeds. The space in which people work matters. It can drain energy without thoughtful intention.

We activate the invisible and visible within people.


We use proprietary surveys to assess growth from the start of our coaching engagement with each client. What we’ve seen repeatedly is an overall increase in attitude and feeling of happiness from participants. This comes without any changes to the company’s operations — it’s the power of giving people a private space to get honest.


report coaching has been supportive and helpful in their job.


say the coaching has helped tremendously in their ability to perform their best at work.


engagement rate in our large-scale coaching programs. Additionally, 87% ask to continue coaching after their first round.


match-rate on first match. Our 1:1 live onboarding and matching sessions set participants up for a “wow” experience.


average rating on the quality of Collective Gain coaching from hundreds of participants.


experience an increase in clarity and focus from coaching.


create new and improved habits after 3-months of coaching.


of people who reported a feeling of urgency to quit their job at the start of coaching reported the urgency was reduced after receiving coaching support.

In their own words…

“My coach really helped me put conversations and relationships at work into perspective. He was able to identify habits that I didn’t necessarily identify in myself, and he gave me tools and tips to consider to get to better, more impactful work. He also helped me improve my interactions with co-workers.”

“Working with a coach allowed me to discuss real-time problems and obstacles and workshop ways to solve what I could and address them in real time. It also gave me some useful tools I could try out and then report back on to see how I could better use them. It was a great experience.”

“Coaching was helpful because it gave me space to talk through immediate and long term issues. Getting insight from someone outside of my company gave me a new perspective on my work issues. It’s definitely made me more confident in my instincts, as well as helped me grow in areas where I need it.”

“While transitioning into a leader/manager role, I felt a bit stagnant and overwhelmed which led to being unmotivated. My coach was able to focus and challenge me in a way that connected with me by reflecting on past experience and talking about ways to become the leader I want to be.”

See how we can support your team’s growth and goals